Father Of The Year Award Stained By Clinton

Of all the men in America that could have been chosen as an example to the world of what it means to be a father, somehow, William Jefferson Clinton charmed his way to the top of the list. As was reported today: The National Father’s Day Council announced it has selected the 42nd President of the United States as their 2013 “Father of the Year” award recipient.

Well…………….what can I say?

I don’t know how many men in America are fathers, but one thing is for sure, there are a lot. A lot of guys who sacrifice during unimaginable hardship to provide mentoring, love, guidance and the financial necessities their kids and others need in an insanely treacherous world full of temptations and short cuts.

There are a couple of hundred thousand fathers serving our country in various branches of the military. All of them put their lives on the line everyday for not only their kids, but our nation’s families. Hard to imagine that one of them wouldn’t be considered as comparable to a former President who dodged the draft.

What about the middle class dads of America?

The guys who hold a job, manage to gets the kids to church, help with homework, donate their time to worthy American charities, pay the bills, love the kids and honor the code of solid parenting? I’m sure there is at least one of them out there befitting the honor of “Father of the Year.”

How about a guy that takes care of the disabled wife, the mother of his children while providing for his family’s needs without so much as a penny of handout; during the most difficult times since the Great Depression. The guy who hangs in there and guts it out although society tempts him to kick them all to the curb and shack up with something more pleasing and less stressful. Wouldn’t he be a credible candidate for “Father of the Year?”

The National Father’s Day Council ought to be ashamed of themselves. Celebrating a man—who cheated on his wife and daughter, lied to the American public and was disbarred because he couldn’t keep his fly zipped— as “Father of the Year?” What kind of drugs are these people taking? Did they all grow up without a father? Heck, Barack Obama would have made a better choice and I don’t think he even likes his kids.

To all those out there who have already accepted the fact that you will never be chosen as “The National Father’s Day Council’s” pick for “Father of the Year” anytime soon, don’t fret. What father in their right mind would want to belong to a club that includes the morally bankrupt and terminally narcissistic Bill Clinton as a fellow dad?

Good fathers don’t need lies and false accolades to prop them up. We judge our value as fathers on the children we raise and the positive contribution they make to our world, not the tributes of strangers. Bill Clinton is welcome to his grand title and auspicious plaque.

He can put them in his library next to the Ken Starr report documenting his legacy as a faithful and loyal father.