Family Uses AK-47 to Kill Armed Burglar, Injure Another

The media and political establishment work hard at making their viewers and constituency scared to death of guns, especially the black, scary-looking semi-automatic rifles. Politicians thought it would be easy to get those banned, because of how “evil” they looked. They don’t operate any differently than semi-automatic handguns, and they’re not used nearly as often as handguns in the commission of crimes (or even self-defense), but because of the stigma they’ve imposed on them, they thought they’d be easy to outlaw.

It turns out that outlawing any kind of gun isn’t as easy as they thought, no matter how much propaganda they throw at people. There are too many stories of people using guns to defend themselves from armed criminals. The national media and gun-grabbing politicians might shy away from those stories, but that doesn’t make those stories cease to exist.

One such family that was able to use an AK-47 to defend themselves from a couple home intruders was the Sanchezes from Las Vegas, Nevada. A man-woman criminal duo came to their home around 9 in the morning. The woman, identified as Tiffany Carter, also know as Tarnesha Harris, knocked on the door, and a 12-year-old answered. Harris claimed that her car broke down with her son inside, and that she needed to use their phone. The boy let the door close while he was going to go get a phone, but Harris barged in, prompting the boy to try to run, but Harris grabbed him and put him in a headlock. CBS 8 continued with the story:

That’s when the male suspect ran into the home armed with a gun. The report said the male suspect kicked in the door of 23-year-old Jesus Javier Sanchez’s bedroom.

The report said the 12-year-old then heard shots fired. 

The male suspect fled the room down the hall, but he still had the gun in his hands, so Sanchez fired another shot at the suspect, striking him once again, the report said. That’s when the suspect ran out of the house.

At the same time, the pre-teen was able to get Harris’ hands from around his mouth and yell for help. That’s when his mother, Sofia Velador, came out of her bedroom. 

The report said Harris then forced her way into the mother’s room. Harris eventually came from Velador’s room with her purse. The 12-year-old said as Harris headed for the door he heard more shots being fired.

The young man said he saw his brother yanking Velador’s purse from Harris. The woman who was shot then began to crawl on the ground towards a gold-colored car. The 12-year-old said his mother and 19-year-old brother, Rogelio Sanchez called 911.

Metro said when officers arrived at the scene they found Jesus Javier Sanchez standing in the yard with an AK47. Officers said when they approached Sanchez he immediately dropped the rifle and followed their commands. 

North Vista Hospital called the police around 9:30 in the morning and notified them that they had two patients with gunshot wounds. As it turns out, they were both the home invasion suspects. The male suspect was dead, and the female one was injured. When she recovers adequately, she’ll be charged with “attempted murder with a deadly weapon, home invasion with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy.”