Family of Gun Owners Stop Persistent Home Intruder

The Penas are a family of gun owners who live in Florida. Luis Pena, the dad, awoke one morning to investigate noises he heard. He saw a man trying to break in through the french doors that led do his back deck. Luis fired a warning shot to get the guy to leave, but the intruder was determined to break in.

By the time he made his way in through the doors and into their kitchen around 7 a.m., Luis’s wife and son had armed themselves, and all three of them were standing there, waiting to greet him.

The intruder, an apparently unarmed man, decided that it would be a good idea to charge at Luis, and when he did, Luis shot him in the torso and killed him.

FOX 13 News

I think this is a pretty clear cut case of self-defense. They even gave him a chance to run away by firing a warning shot. And since the guy was dumb enough to pursue three armed citizens in their own house, he got what he deserved. If they had had no guns and had to resort to calling the police, who knows what would have happened to this family in the time it took the police to show up?