Was The Faint In The Rose Garden Faked?

On Monday, President Obama gave a press conference to discuss the many and deservedly harangued problems with the Obamacare exchange website, Healthcare.gov, which Consumer Reports says to “stay away from” for at least another month.

Behind Obama stood a handful of human props to demonstrate that a handful of people were successful at signing up for Obamacare.

One of the human props behind Obama was a young woman named Karmel Allison. She’s the pregnant diabetic who started to faint and fall backwards during Obama’s speech before the fellow human prop behind her caught her and Obama turned around to lay his healing hand on her and tell her she was okay.

Watch the video of what happened, and you can see that for a full minute before she fainted, Allison did not look right. She looked quite disoriented, much like someone on the cusp of blacking out. In other angles of the footage, we can see that the woman standing next to her is holding her hand and has her arm around her waist, and in these shots, Allison is very clearly rocking back and forth, as a lightheaded person does.

Lady-Patriots.com has a piece with a video they made that “proves” the entire incident was faked. The woman holding the diabetic’s hand—let’s call her Support Woman—is “proof,” according to the website, that she was anticipating Allison to fall. Never is it posited that perhaps she has her around around her waist because she doesn’t feel good and is visibly swaying from her lightheadedness.

The other “proof” that it was faked is that Support Woman, a few seconds before the fainting, seems to acknowledge someone in the audience, communicating with him or her by a subtle head shake and then a head nod. It’s a very real possibility that someone in the audience, perhaps a member of the camera crew, noticed the swaying of Allison and asked Support Woman two yes-or-no questions about Allison.

When Allison does fall backwards, Support Woman doesn’t even look over at her. She has her lips sucked in as Allison falls back; then, as Allison is being straightened up by the person behind her and (kind of) by Obama, Support Woman is looking over and down at Allison’s feet; finally, once Allison is stabilized, Support Woman looks over at her and gives a comforting smile, then smiles at Obama. Nothing about any of this is out of place for what occurred. The Support Woman initially doesn’t do anything but sucks in her lips because she’s on live TV and wants to keep things as undistracting from Obama as possible. Even the man who catches Diabetic Woman doesn’t make a huge rush to catch her, but calmly places her hands behind her shoulders.

Lady-Patriots asks at the end of her video, “Why would they do this? Was it to take the attention off of the failure of Obamacare and the website…? Was it to make people for sorry for the President and this sick woman who needs insurance?”

The brief fainting scenario certainly wouldn’t take away from the failure of Obamacare—especially because the speech she fainted during wasn’t about the failure of Obamacare, but the failure of the website. And it certainly wouldn’t take away from the failure of the website, since Obama continued talking about the website after she fainted (and also because this is one very small incident and the failures of the website have been noticed for almost a month now and they will continue to be noticed for at least another month).

If the government wanted to conspire to distract from the failures of Obamacare or to make Obama look good, they would do something else, something that actually achieved those goals. The plot of this particular conspiracy theory is extremely thin, and the theorized purposes behind it are the products of simple minds.