Fail: Voter ID Law Protestors Required To Show ID In Order To Protest

They say that laws requiring people to show ID in order to vote are racist and that they disenfranchise certain voting blocs, namely minorities. Apparently, about 25% of blacks and 16% of Latinos lack some kind of government-issued photo identification. Only 9% of whites don’t have such identification.

Obviously, Democrats don’t like these laws, not because they view them as racist, but because these voters are far more likely to vote Democrat. So, naturally, they want as many of these people to be able to vote as many times as possible so that they can be ensured to stay in office. The whole “racist” and “disenfranchisement” claims are mere excuses.

It comes as a slight surprise that a group of North Carolinians who wanted to participate in a march put on by the NAACP, protesting against voter ID laws had to have their photo ID on them in order to participate.

In a flyer handed out to participants, they listed several “Do’s and Don’ts” for marchers:

“Do know your bus number, Marshals and Bus Captains

Do look out for the elderly and the young.

Do ignore any taunts and/or jeers from the public! Do not react to such in any manner by staring or using verbal/facial expressions.

Do observe proper decorum at all times, demonstrating respect for and following instructions from marshals and law enforcement.

Do direct media inquiries to spokespersons. Remember, nothing is ever ‘off the record.’

Do watch for people who join the march from the public and notify a Marshal.

Do immediately report any altercation, unruly behavior, or persons deviating from the rules, to a Marshal.

Do remain calm if any altercation or other disruption occurs.

Do bring photo identification (driver’s license, passport or other valid photo id) with you and keep it on your person at all times.”

That’s a lot of rules to follow. And those are just the “Do’s.”

While they’re protesting racist and disenfranchising voter ID laws, they’re simultaneously having to produce a photo ID just to protest in the first place. What if you don’t have a photo ID? More than likely, if you don’t have a photo ID, that means you’re a minority. In other words, requiring protestors to have ID is disenfranchising them. It serves as a disincentive for them to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. How racist of them.