Fail: NBC Airs “Moving” Gun Violence Video Featuring Only Black Murderers

This is slightly baffling. What I would have expected to see in this “moving” gun violence video was either confessions and statements of regret from only white murderers in prison, or those of imprisoned convicts of an equal array of races.

NBC decided to do a short special where convicted murderers were interviewed about what they did. The focus wasn’t so much on their acts of murder; it was on the fact that they used guns. And all those who were interviewed were black.

Were these the only convicted murderers they could find who agreed to open up about their past? There are plenty of murderers of other races, so why would they choose to focus on black gun violence in their attempt to demonstrate that “gun violence” has nothing to do with race? Breitbart reported:

After the video aired, “Meet the Press” panelist Eugene Robinson objected to the film only showing black shooters. “There wasn’t a terribly diverse set of people who were talking,” Robinson said. “Right now, we’re talking about a horrific crime committed by a white man, we’re talking about the search for two escaped murderers who are white men. We should point out that this is not just an African-American problem.”

“No, no, no, no,” “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd replied. “And it wasn’t intended to be that way.”

I can’t help but think of how the lefty media would have reacted if Fox News had aired the same exact video. More than likely, Salon would have the same headline as mine, except with “Fox News” instead of NBC. MSNBC would have their expert panelists on, talking about how racist Fox News is to have aired such a bigoted and biased video. They’ve already blamed Fox News for Dylann Roof’s murderous acts. Airing this video would only further solidify what they already thought.