Fact Checker Says Not to Believe Obama’s 6M Obamacare Enrollees

A recent tweet from Obama claims that 6 million people have enrolled in Obamacare.  The administration is using that figure to encourage others, especially young and healthy Americans to sign up for their health coverage.

Glenn Kessler, author of the Washington Post’s Fact Checker blog says that the Obama administration is using bogus numbers and that they really have no idea of how many Americans have actually enrolled, selected policies and paid for them.  He recently appeared on Newsmax TV with Steve Malzberg to explain why he says not to believe the figures being used by the Obama administration.

Kessler says that the 6 million signup figure was achieved by adding the 2.1 million people that have selected plans on either the state or federal exchanges to the 3.9 million that signed up for Medicaid.  There are problems with this math as Kessler explained to Malzberg:

“The 3.9 million from Medicaid — that’s essentially everyone who signed up for Medicaid in October and November.”

“But it turns out its two months of numbers having to do with everyone who ever signed up for Medicaid. It really doesn’t tell you anything about how well the Affordable Care Act is doing.”

“[It’s] somewhat similar to saying you put something in your shopping cart at Amazon and that’s what they’re counting, all of the things that are in the shopping cart. They don’t know how many people actually pushed the button and ordered the item.”

Obama’s use of the 6 million enrollment figure is just like their use of the 6.7% unemployment rate.  It is also based upon inaccurate figures that purposely ignore certain statistics like the number of people that have given up looking for jobs or those who have been forced to take part time jobs instead of full time work.

If the Obama administration used accurate figures that revealed the true failure of Obamacare and how few Americans have actually signed up, selected and paid for policies, it would be even harder for them to get more people to sign up.  Our president is so prideful and Obamacare is his most prideful piece of legislation that he just can’t allow the public to know how much of a failure it already is.  So he has no choice but to use erroneous and inaccurate figures to preserve his pride.