Fascist Kingpin Obama Busy Banning Bullets

The Obama administration is busy indeed!  Honestly, how does that guy even have time for golf?  The breadth and depth to which he will go to undermine our freedoms and take away our personal liberties is astounding.

In a shocking (and, I am sure, brief) return to sanity, the tyrannical, dictatorial Obama administration has been unable to ban the most popular sport rifle, the AR-15.  Congress just won’t do it.

So, never to be outdone by, like, you know, the will of the American people, Obama is cleverly attempting to ban the AMMO for the gun.

Still in that brief minute of sanity, the house, in a bipartisan majority, has opposed the proposed ban on the AR-15 ammunition.

Not really being able to comment knowledgeably on guns, I called an expert, my daddy.  A sharpshooter in the military, Daddy immediately refused the title of “expert” saying that he doesn’t know that much about it.

He then described a lot of information that the average person may not know.  Although he doesn’t use an AR-15, he was aware of its reconfiguration from a military rifle to a sport rifle.  He uses a 12-gauge shotgun (for hunting the delicious and plentiful white tailed deer) and a 22 caliber rifle (for “shooting squirrels and beer cans”).  Only, he said, “If I can get the bullets.”

Immediately using my journalistic skills to sense an important point, I asked, “What do you mean?”

He explained (in detail, including a frustrating trip to Bass Pro Shops) that it is almost impossible to find ammunition for a 22 caliber rifle.

Did you know that?  I didn’t.  It seems that the second amendment has won in the battle.  But, are we still losing the second amendment war?

Keep your eyes open on this one, my friends.  Our constitution really is at stake.