Exclusive Hollywood “A is For” Gala to Fund Texas Abortions

Wow. I hardly know what to say about this one. An advocacy group called “A is For” has collected a band of Hollywood comedians and musicians for an event they are calling “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas.” Money raised by the event will go to fund abortions in Texas, since stricter Texas laws have regulated some abortion clinics out of existence.

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifinakis are scheduled to appear, as well as musician Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. A is For intends to give any funds raised to a collective of “reproductive rights” groups, according to a description paragraph on “Guest of a Guest”:

A is For is organizing this emergency benefit to raise money for Texas abortion funds (Lilith Fund, TEA Fund, Whole Women’s Health Action Fund, and Fund Texas Women) who are working to help women affected by this law by providing financial support to help cover procedures, travel, lodging and child care.

Touting the event as a night of “comedy and music,” A is For shows just how tactless and clueless abortion-rights activists really are. Apparently they don’t realize that they are literally selling laughs to pay for the death of babies. I just can’t even comprehend how distorted your worldview must be to support this, much less organize this event.

And who is going to this sold out event? I am sure all of these supporters think they are saving some poor Texas woman from a botched back alley abortion. That they are being compassionate. But the compassion of the wicked is cruel. Wouldn’t it be better to raise money to support adoption services in Texas? Why are these people so deadset on killing unborn babies? Really. Would someone please tell me why abortion is so important to these people? I can’t come up with anything but this: they want absolute liberty without any consequences. Which is another way of saying they love death.