Evolutionists: Man Learned Language from Lower Animals

Oh my. It honestly boggles my mind just how stupid some theories are. Once you adopt the macro-evolutionary model, I guess you have no choice but to occasionally go full retard. Here’s a prime (or should I say “primate”?) example:

Humans learned to talk to one another by copying birds and other primates sometime in the last 100,000 years, experts have said. . . .


Previous research has found that humans derive the melodic part of language from birds. However, the authors [from MIT] also say we evolved our pragmatic content-carrying part of speech from other primates.


Linguist Shigeru Miyagawa said: “How did human language arise? It’s far enough in the past that we can’t just go back and figure it out directly. The best we can do is come up with a theory that is broadly compatible with what we know about human language and other similar systems in nature.”

There is no doubt that the purpose of communication—the transmission of information from one to another—will join all forms of communication together at some level. But that doesn’t mean that humans learned the rudiments of language from birds or primates. Why would they need to?

According to an evolutionary model, language would have evolved by necessity. Humans would have learned language as birds first (way back in the day), and then as primates later (a little more recently). We wouldn’t have needed to learn language from birds or primates later (as if humans would have been fully formed without any semblance of primate language … stupid) because our ancestors would have already known what those animals knew. Back when our ancestors were birds and primates, remember? Why would we need to ape the apes or parrot the birds? What if they learned the rudiments of language from us?

Why would an evolutionist even be asking, “From whom did humans learn language?” So dumb. Because if the answer is, “Humans learned their first rudiments of language from birds and primates,” then the obvious follow-up question is, “And where did birds and primates learn this language?” That answer would be, “This rudimentary language evolved naturally as these animals developed communities.”

Oh, I see. So birds and primates, being so advanced, could evolve language spontaneously, but stupid, stupid humans had to learn language from the super-advanced birds and primates we left in our evolutionary wake? Does anyone else see how blindingly stupid all of this is? We pay people good money to come up with this crap.