Should Everyone Be Allowed To Vote?

You guys are fed a lot of cynicism every single day about how nothing works and big institutions stink and government is broken…The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been.” – Barack Obama

We have a problem in our country, and the roots of this problem have become more deeply entrenched in our national identity with each passing day. This problem has become as much a part of the American people as our bones, and our blood. As this problem has grown, our country has been stunted, and weakened. This problem is willful ignorance. We are a country of idiots. And I don’t mean idiots in terms of our intellectual capacity, but rather in terms of our willingness to challenge ourselves. We are idiots because we don’t read about current events. We are idiots because we don’t know what’s going on in Washington. We are idiots because we know next to nothing about Obamacare.

I’m a conservative in a world of liberals. That’s the world in which I live, because of the industry in which I work. Every day, I am exposed to an absolutely disturbing ignorance on the part of liberals. Ask any average liberal on the street what they really know about Obamacare, and the likely answer is a simple one: nothing. I have heard a range of comments regarding Obamacare, from “Well, I think they’re just trying to do some good,” to “Why does everyone hate on Obamacare so much?” No one does any research. They listen to the president speak, and they watch The Daily Show.

The Obama administration is wildly corrupt. From the alleged “loss” of two years of Lois Lerner emails to the Bowe Bergdahl trade, from the IRS targeting of conservatives, to the coverup of Benghazi, from the recent unrestricted influx of illegal immigrants (including gang members), to the scandal at the VA, the Obama administration makes Al Capone look like Mother Teresa. But ask any one of your liberal friends about these issues, and they will have one of two answers: “It’s the Republicans. They’re just making this stuff up because they hate Obama,” or “Wait…what?”

Ignorance is the defining difference between conservatives, and liberals. Conservatives understand the world view of liberals; they can see things from perspectives that differ from their own. It’s a trait related to empathy. Liberals cannot see anything outside of their own little box. They lack that trait. It’s almost an unfair advantage. Liberals see things in two dimensions, while conservatives see things in three. Regardless, I’m tired of liberal ignorance.

Ask me about Obamacare, and I can tell you what the left believes, and what I believe. The same cannot be said by the other side. To the point, this discussion of ignorance leads to a question: what is the purpose of an election? Why do we vote to elect our leaders?

We live in a democratic republic, in which the nation has a say in the election of their leaders. So far, that is the best way humanity knows how to run a nation. Western democracy was crafted by some of the best philosophical minds in history. But what happens when the populace–which holds the power–devolves into a state of ignorance? Is that not dangerous? I’m so tired of political ignorance, and I think a solution is in order.

Voting shouldn’t be a right, it should be a privilege, given to those who understand what they’re voting for. There should be a logic test, as well as a current events test to determine if those going into the voting booth have any idea what they’re doing. It sounds a bit daft, and reminiscent of the poll taxes of long ago, but that’s not my intention. I just think that we need to be a well informed people. The test wouldn’t discriminate on grounds other than political ignorance.

Maybe I’m dreaming, but we cannot continue to live in a country in which people who know absolutely nothing about the political landscape are casting ballots for a candidate who charmed them with lovely speeches, and platitudes.

Obama claims we are less violent than we have ever been. Do you believe him? He says that we are more educated. Do you believe him? If so, why? Do you know anything about the conflict in the Middle East, or the Christian slaughter in Africa? Do you know about our national public school education standards, such as common core? Do you know anything? If you can’t defend your beliefs without resorting to speculation, or parroting the president, do you really know what you believe? If not, do you think you should have a hand in deciding who the next leader of the free world is?

My suggestions may seem harsh, and beneath the philosophy of a free republic, but if we don’t change something, we won’t have a republic for much longer anyway.