Eventually America will lose our Guns to Republican Moderates

In less than ten years America’s moral compass has flipped in a profound way. Somehow our citizenry has discounted completely the importance of a morally grounded conservative society. We are losing our national backbone, to both liberal and moderate opinions, one social cause at a time. Many Americans, especially moderate Republicans, are walking into carefully set progressive traps and it is just a matter of time before politicians convince confused generations of neo-cons that second amendment rights make our Republic less safe.

Gun ownership is slowly being shaped as a new social issue in America and its is only a matter of time before moderate Republicans give ground to liberal calls for new gun regulations.

In my life, perceived mandates have come and gone, but rarely has government adhered to the will of the majority. Today, all we hear from our government references is some tripe about the will of the people and the voter’s voice. However, I don’t remember the voter voicing much concern for the necessity of “gun regulation” during our last election. Yet now it is a pressing issue.

If doing the peoples work was the focus of our federal government, the United States would not have an illegal immigration problem, publicly funded abortions, an expense and failing public education system, untrustworthy elections, a culture of entitlement dependency, a crumbling infrastructure, elected officials who spend the bulk of their term raising cash and campaigning, and a prolific government that exists through the illegal confiscation of wealth and individual rights.

Republican Party moderates are now buying into the suggestion that social compromise and sacrificing the moral high ground will provide a path to a fiscally responsible government respectful of our Constitution.

Two days ago, the Democrat Party ignored their oath of office, discounted the will of the people and attacked U.S. second amendment rights. Liberal and moderate gun control advocates were not able to preserve a “sense of urgency” fear mongers love to use to push through illegal and flawed legislation. However, I believe liberals accomplished what they wanted. They married Republican opposition to gun control legislation to future gun homicides and created yet another divisive social issue for a fractured Republican Party moving feverishly to left of center positions.

In my community we have a proud respect for freedom, liberty, and the protections provided to our citizenry by the U.S. Constitution. Yet existing within that community is a growing ideology born of moderation and compromise. A belief system grounded in moral capitulation that labels social issues as silly distractions rather than assaults on the fabric of a strong American culture. Less than ten years ago, Americans as a majority, still believed that illegal immigration was both a fiscal and cultural crisis. Today, after years of liberal propaganda campaigns, Republican moderates are embracing politically expedient amnesty legislation rather than illegal immigration enforcement measures. Moreover, the Republican Party moderates are now asking their flock to abandon their support for traditional marriage to secure gay electoral support for a more moderate and inclusive Republican Party.

The only thing standing between the U.S. Constitution and our elected officials is conservative Republican ideology. Social moderates within the Republican Party are gearing up for an ideological renaissance with the Republican Party and that includes limiting gun ownership in America. Social moderates have already shown America their true colors. They do not really mind killing children in the womb; after all, it cuts down on entitlement spending. Traditional marriage? Heck, they agree with the failed parenting strategy of the Rob Portman’s of the world.

Is it really so hard to imagine an ideological shift on gun control taking place in America once moderates take over a weakened Republican Party and throw conservative social values into the street for a biased media and carefully worded public opinion polls to sort out? For me, it is a foregone conclusion backed up by a decade of mindless shifts on every social issue plaguing American culture.

Every day I speak with Republican moderates who are hijacking conservatism to service desires for fiscal change. Most of these low information voters care little for second amendment rights. They just see the big black assault rifle pointed at a school yard machine gunning kids. In part, these are the very same people who support “gun free” zones and federal gun registries that have yet to save one child from the acts of a madman with a gun. The sheep are about to take over the Republican Party and it is just a matter of time before they cave to the liberals on coming gun regulations.

Backing NRA sponsored candidates will not save America from the moderates. Remember, the NRA backed John McCain over J.D. Hayworth. And so did Sarah Palin. I still can’t figure that one out.