Evangelical Atheism Coming to TV

David Silverman, President of American Atheists, has announced that he is launching a television station in July geared specifically to his fellow non-believers.

He made the announcement to a group of about a hundred student hellions at Stanford University, saying, “It’s part of our strategy of going where we are not.”

From The Huffington Post:

The channel will air video of previous atheist events, such as footage from past American Atheist conventions and speakers at 2012‘s Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., as well as content provided by atheist video bloggers and other atheist groups.

In addition, the channel will air segments of “The Atheist Viewpoint,” a show produced two decades ago by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, American Atheists’ deceased founder and plaintiff in the 1963 landmark Supreme Court case that removed Bible readings from public schools.

When you tell an atheist he is religious, his argument against it is to point out that the word “atheist” means “non-God-believer.” But that’s a bit of a straw-man response, isn’t it? Not believing in any god does not preclude a belief system (which atheism most certainly is) from being a religion. It just means atheism is a godless one.

Atheists deny they are religious, yet they defend their positions with a religious fervor unmatched among any other religious folks—with the exception of Muslims, who like to bomb their beliefs into you. On top of that, atheists often do it viciously, employing mockery to shame the religious into silence.

But now here we have the head of a huge atheist organization—a church elder, let’s call him—announcing what is to the atheists what the Christian channels are to Christians.

I like to consider myself an enemy of atheists, but I don’t deny their right to create a channel. I just don’t like their denial of their flagrant religiosity.

The channel is meant to reinvigorate its viewers’ impassioned beliefs (in nothingness) and give them a sense of fellowship and connection with a greater calling. So it’s going to be another religious channel, basically.

If someone believes in no gods, no higher purpose from a greater being, you would think he would be content to live and let live, as they say. Why would an atheist try to spread his belief in no gods? What purpose is served in telling people, “Please believe what I believe: that when you die, that’s it”? What does it matter to the atheist that some people disagree with him? What happened to “freethinking”?

Silverman’s stated goal, “going where we are not,” could be stated just as accurately with a single word: proselytism. This is the new religion of Atheistic Evangelicalism.