Ethnicity and the Fundamental Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

When liberals hear that President Obama won only 39 percent of white voters in his re-election bid, their natural inclination is to cry “racism!” Yet no such accusation spews forth from their mouths when they hear that Mitt Romney only received seven percent of the black vote.

If the 61 percent of whites who refused to vote for the half-black man are racist, then doesn’t that make the 93 percent of blacks who refused to vote for the white man extremely racist?

There are no official requirements to join the Republican Party. Everybody has the freedom to register as and vote for a Republican.

The only requirements are such unofficial ones as that you believe in personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, and liberty to choose your own path in life and to accept the consequences thereof.

Blacks have the freedom to choose whether they vote Republican or Democrat. If 93 percent of blacks voted for the black Democrat, this is not evidence of a problem with white voters, but of a problem with black voters.

Why, then, is the news media concluding that Republicans have a problem with black people, when it is the black people who are refusing to vote for Republicans? Republicans are not bigoted towards blacks; clearly, blacks are bigoted towards Republicans.

But black prejudice is okay. See, we’re told by the liberal media that we can’t expect black people to vote for anything other than skin color, an act which falls squarely under the very definition of racism; instead, we Republicans must change our ways so that there is no distinguishable difference between us and Democrats.

The reason the media folks want this, of course, is so that they no longer have to hear any opposing views.

The difference between the Republicans and Democrats must never change, and I hope they never will. But especially this fundamental difference:

Vote for Republicans if you want to be in control of your life–to forge your own destiny, as goes the cliché; vote for Republicans if you want to have the means and resources necessary to provide for yourself your family.

Vote for Democrats if you want your life to be micromanaged by a politician who promises, in exchange for your vote, to give you free stuff that you’ll never have the pride of being able to say that you earned.