EPA Warns: Holiday Leftovers Contribute to Global Warming

Where would we be without the EPA’s friendly reminders for us to be responsible stewards of our food and resources? The EPA released a video telling people not to waste food this holiday season, because doing so will contribute to global warming. The food waste ends up in the trash, which ends up in a landfill, which breaks down and decays, releasing methane gas. According to the EPA, methane is a more “potent” greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And as we all know, these greenhouse gases trap in all the heat, and we end up with global warming. So, don’t waste leftover food.

Next time you’re tempted to throw out that last bit of cold, stale stuffing, just think of the floods you’ll be contributing to. Think of the hurricanes, the earthquakes, and forest fires that will most certainly ensue if you dare put leftover food in the trash.

A couple months ago just before Halloween, the Department of Energy released a statement on how pumpkins contribute to global warming. Their argument was the same as the EPA’s about throwing out leftover food. Pumpkins will end up in the trash that will end up in landfills, where they’ll break down and release methane gas.

Of course, what’s truly funny about all this is that while the EPA is preaching to people about leftover food, they’ll dump a few million gallons of toxic waste in a river and claim it wasn’t that big of a deal.