EPA to Monitor Colorado Residents’ Water Usage

Recently, we reported about how the EPA wanted to monitor hotel guests’ shower habits in an attempt to “modify” people’s behavior. Leave it to them to decide how long is “too long” for a person to take a shower. Unless you’re one of those people who takes a shower once a month whether you need to or not, the EPA thinks you should cut down your shower time by at least a minute. Apparently, this is such a big deal that they’ve done studies to find out how long the average shower is. It’s 8.2 minutes. So, they don’t want anyone taking any showers longer than 7 minutes. Any longer, and you’d be destroying the planet.

Recent news reports the EPA wanting to monitor the water usage of multi-family units:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is looking to monitor how much water families use in Boulder, Colorado.

The agency submitted a solicitation Thursday, announcing its plans to hire a contractor for the purpose of “Water Monitoring Equipment and Collection of Data” of apartments in the city.

“Region 8 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency intends to issue a Request for Quotes (RFQ) for installation of water monitoring equipment,” the solicitation said. “Once installed the contractor will integrate the equipment with existing software system that will monitor water usage in multi-family housing units. The work will be performed in Boulder, Colorado.”

The EPA expects to release a final solicitation for the project on June 25. Once a contractor is selected, the monitoring would begin six months after the award.

Colorado’s climate is susceptible to drought conditions. The local government in Boulder already sets the water supply status yearly and has the authority to implement restrictions on water use.

The EPA shouldn’t even exist. But who gave the EPA the authority to waltz in to a state like Colorado to start monitoring people’s water usage? Apparently the people of Colorado through their duly elected representatives.

They’re going to be monitoring people’s water usage probably starting later this year or early next year. At what point will they just start rationing people’s water using manmade global warming and its allegedly resulting droughts as their excuse? They’ll set everyone’s limit to a certain number of gallons per day or week based on household size and once people have reached their “quota,” they’ll shut off their water.