EPA Head Declares: “The Public Wants a Low-Carbon Future”

It seems that the EPA head will make up facts about public opinion as well as for climate change.

She doesn’t have any evidence for this of course. When you’re in her position, you have the privilege of making stuff up as you go along and denying all evidence to the contrary. It’s quite convenient actually.

There was a fairly recent Pew Research Center poll released showing what has been shown many times in the past, and that is that the issue of global warming is not at all important to most Americans. Terrorism, the economy, and jobs are what most Americans are concerned about, according to the poll. Global warming or “climate change” ranks near the bottom of the list. The Blaze reported:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Friday that she puts no faith in a major poll done in January that showed Americans generally don’t see global warming as a priority for the country.

Pew Research Center released the results in January, which said that of 23 issues, “global warming” was the second to last on the list when it comes to people’s priorities for the country. “Scientific research” polled higher, and “global trade” was dead last.

The broad issue of “environment” polled about in the middle for those polled, and the top three were terrorism, the economy and jobs.

But in an event hosted by the New Republic Friday, McCarthy rejected the poll’s findings, and said Americans actually care quite a bit about global warming.

“You’ve got to read other polling that’s been done, because in my opinion, since the president has really stepped up and taken a leadership role here, a very vocal and visible one, the dynamics have changed considerably,” she said.

“And there are things that have happened in that intervening time that continue the momentum forward.”


While McCarthy couldn’t point to any new poll showing global warming is more of a concern, she said she believes there is very widespread support to fight global warming among the public.

“I believe there is broad public support for climate change, which does not always translate effectively into the political support,” she said. “But there is growing political support because the public wants a low-carbon future.”

Where does she get this notion that “the public wants a low-carbon future?” I think you know where she pulled that information. It’s too rude for me to mention here, but I’m sure a commenter could fill us all in.

She doesn’t like these polls, because they disagree with what she wants. Now, I’m not one who cares a whole lot for opinion polls like this, because they can all be skewed based on how the questions are asked. But when you’ve got nearly every poll putting global warming or “climate change” at the bottom of the list of important issues, that shows that people by and large don’t think it’s an important issue. It’s kind of hard to believe in something that’s only supported by the people who would benefit the most from people believing in it, in direct contradiction to the science.