EPA Global Warming Expert Lived High Life After Convincing Co-Workers He Worked For The CIA

I think he was just delusional. After all, he was a global warming “expert” with the EPA. He actually believed that the world was going to end because cows passed too much gas. That’s sounds pretty delusional if you ask me. Of course, he’s a graduate of NYU, and he received his masters from Princeton, so what do you expect?

His name is John C. Beale, and he convinced his co-workers and boss at the EPA (and perhaps himself) that he worked undercover for the CIA. No one questioned him. I guess it was an easy sell. The CIA and NSA have been getting quite a bit of bad press in recent years, but it’s shed light on the reality of CIA covert operations, undercover agents, NSA wiretaps, electronic surveillance, etc. These things don’t surprise people anymore. Anybody could be an undercover government agent these days.

So, Beale, now 65, took complete advantage of his lie and lived quite the lavish lifestyle. There was even a stretch of about 18 months where he didn’t even show up to work at his EPA office. If people questioned him, he would just tell them he’s on a secret CIA mission. He’d fly first class and stay at five star hotels, racking up thousands and thousands of dollars in charges, and he’d bill all his exorbitant expenses to the government, for which they’d pay in full. He had a co-worker who usually approved his expenses, and yes that co-worker is now being investigated.

A few years ago, he sent an e-mail to his boss and EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, regarding his whereabouts during one 6-month absence. He claimed to have been in Pakistan where the Taliban were torturing his “CIA replacement”:

“Due to recent events that you have probably read about, I am in Pakistan. Got the call Thurs and left Fri. Hope to be back for Christmas ….Ho, ho, ho.”

Come to find out, according to court documents, he was probably in California visiting his parents, or at his vacation spot in Cape Cod, or just farting around at his own Northern Virginia home. All while he was drawing a $206,000 salary, including benefits and bonuses, all of which exceeded those of his own boss.

Apparently, he had also claimed to be a Vietnam War vet, and that while he was in Vietnam, he contracted Malaria. None of that was true. He never served in Vietnam, and he never had Malaria. But it did allow him access to special handicapped parking at the EPA office.

He was able to live like this for 13 years before someone finally decided to investigate him. No one thought to question him until he publicly “retired” but continued to draw a salary for a year and a half afterwards. When investigators began to question him regarding his alleged CIA involvement, he would brush questions aside, claiming that the subject matter was “classified.” Finally, weeks later, when investigators pressed him further, he confessed, claiming that he was only trying to “puff up his own image.”

But even after he confessed, he couldn’t let go of his lie. He agreed to plead guilty, not because he actually admitted guilt, but because he was willing to “take one for the team.” In other words, to protect his fellow CIA agents from being exposed…or something.

Now, he’s facing 30 months in federal prison for defrauding taxpayers to the tune of about $1 million. His lawyer will be using all the “good things” Beale did while at the EPA to sort of counterbalance the charges against him. Apparently, Beale’s claim to fame was “rewriting the Clean Air Act in 1990” and “leading the EPA delegations to the UN conferences on global warming in 2000 and 2001.”

I don’t know why he’s facing only 30 months. Seems he should get at least 30 years. Who cares what he’s done for the cause of global warming hysteria?