EPA Administrator: “Normal People” Will Win Global Warming Debate, not “Climate Deniers”

Normal is a four-letter word these days. The moment you say that someone or something is normal or not normal, you’re offending some protected class of people. If you say that same-sex marriage is not normal, you’re a hate-filled, judgmental bigot who’s guilty of a hate crime. If you say that homosexuality is normal, that’s perfectly fine.

The only people who can use the term ‘normal’ are those in government and media, as long as they’re liberals talking about liberal causes and against conservative causes. The EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said that it’s not the “climate deniers” who are going to win the debate over manmade global warming; it’s the “normal people.” In other words, the ones who believe in the politically correct and socially acceptable “theory” that burning so-called fossil fuels will cause the global temperature to increase are the ones who will win the “debate.” If you question the official government/media narrative by bringing up inconvenient facts, you’re not normal. Normal people willingly submit without questioning. The Daily Caller reported:

McCarthy’s remarks came as she was talking about the reasons why the EPA put out a report on the negative health impacts global warming will have on public health. She said the agency puts out such reports to educate the public, not answer critiques from global warming skeptics.

“I am doing that not to push back on climate deniers,” McCarthy told doctors, health professionals and others gathered at a White House summit. “You can have fun doing that if you want, but I’ve batted my head against the wall too many times and if the science already hasn’t changed their mind it never will.”

McCarthy then remarked how “normal people,” and not skeptics would eventually win the global warming debate. Implicit in her remarks is the contention that skeptics are somehow not “normal people.”

“But in any democracy, it’s not them that carries the day,” McCarthy said. “It is normal human beings that haven’t put their stake into politics above science. It’s normal human beings that want us to do the right thing, and we will if you help us.”

I never understood the insult “climate denier.” Who denies the climate?

She said that those “climate deniers” put their stake into politics above science. Is she for real? Is she really denying that she and other climate alarmists have no stake at all in politics? If she had been a skeptic, would she have been able to attain her current position as EPA administrator? Not in this lifetime.

The only science that alarmists care about are the bits and pieces that they’ve picked, chosen, and adjusted that support their predetermined conclusion. At that point, it isn’t even science. It’s pure politics.