The End Result Of Tax & Spend Philosophy

“A civilization must be judged by its standards, not by its expenditure.” – Amit Kalantri

We are not a society which values means, but rather one that values ends. With that perspective, we can sometimes get lost. To achieve satisfactory ends, we must concern ourselves with the means. The two are inextricably linked. That concept is something not well understood by liberals.

Liberals see a problem, and their solution is to throw money at it. A rising population of poor people? Raise taxes to better fund welfare programs! Healthcare is too expensive? Raise taxes to get more people on government funded healthcare! Our schools are failing? Raise taxes to give more money to the failing schools! In the end, everything becomes an issue of money.

According to The Washington Examiner, over the last several decades, average American student achievement has remained stagnant, while per-student spending has exploded.

“Outcomes are generally stagnant or declining despite massive increases in expenditures…Perhaps even more telling, state achievement trends have proven to be just as unaffected by the rare multi-year periods of declining spending as they have been by periods of rising spending. In other words, political and education officials keep making the same mistake over and over: spending more and more tax dollars without stopping to ask if it’s doing any good.”

While innovators across the country have attempted to make changes that would better our educational system, the Left simply throws cash at the situation, then walks away. It’s a consistent problem. When one believes that the government will always take care of them, money no longer has the same value it once had. A matriarchal federal government creates a nation of children, who have no concept of how a society functions.

We are at a tipping point, a point at which the fate of our nation rests precariously. More and more Americans are becoming blinded by their faith in the federal government. They believe that in all things, the government can succeed, and it will provide. Many are falling victim to the belief that the fed knows better than we do. It’s becoming fanatical, and nearly religious.

This blind trust is not only dangerous to society, but it is anathema to innovation. Innovation is what keeps society moving forward. Innovation is the enemy of tyranny. This is not just a problem of liberal versus conservative; it is not just an issue of ideological differences. Blind trust is a road that only ever leads to destruction. The more we regress in our role in this republic, the more the government will progress. At some point, we will have no power whatsoever, and the fed will have all the power.

This faith that the government knows best, and we should just hand over our money—whether it’s for education, or anything else—has infected Republicans, as well as Democrats. It’s a cross Party disease. We should never trust that the government knows better than we do. If we do not take care to manage our means ourselves, our end will be destruction.