Elementary School Teaches Kids to Throw Books at Mass Shooter as a “Last Resort”

A couple years ago, Homeland Security released a video wherein they advised office workers to throw scissors at a mass murderer should he enter their premises. It was listed as a “last, worst-case scenario.” If you weren’t able to exit the building in time, and you had no choice but to hide until you were confronted by the shooter, grab a pair of scissors. It would be hilarious, except that this is the actual advise they gave.

Stevenson Elementary School in Heath, Ohio wants kids to throw books at a mass shooter should he enter the school with the intent to kill as many people as possible.

A father heard about this new school shooting protocol from his two kids who attend the school and thought they must have been joking. FOX 28 reported

Dean Spencer said he had to ask his daughter twice what she said before he believed her.

“To give them advice or commands to throw things at someone with a gun, it’s absurd, it’s insane,” Spencer said.

Heath City School District officials said 430 third-through-fifth graders at Stevenson are being trained to use the tactic as a last-line of defense if all else fails should the worst-case scenario ever happen.

“Our training to staff and students is we need to get them out of that situation. Everything is about student safety,” Superintendent Trevor Thomas said.

Thomas said the district is following guidelines set forth by the attorney general’s office on how to handle an active shooter situation and that every district in Ohio is required to have a plan in place. He added while the book-tossing plan is in place for Stevenson, other procedures are being unveiled for middle and high school level students.

Other schools are reportedly advising kids to bring canned goods so that they can be stockpiled somewhere in the school, not so students can eat them, but so they can throw them at a mass shooter. I guess that would be more of a “last resort” weapon if their books didn’t work out as planned.

Even if this books-as-weapons protocol were to be successful in taking out a shooter, convicting the shooter in court would be problematic. His line of defense would most certainly be that these accusatory kids were putting words in his mouth.

Public schools are proving themselves to be extremely dangerous places to be. Not only do they come up with rules that are dumber than the joke I just told, public schools are also targeted by mass murderers, because the shooters know that the idea of guns in schools is anathema to school officials and politicians. No one there is going to be able to fight back. No one will have a weapon more dangerous than a book or a can of pork and beans.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that this new level of idiocy prompted the parents of these kids to take them out of public school:

Meanwhile, the Spencers said they’re pulling both of their kids from Stevenson and plan to homeschool them.

Dean Spencer said he’s also considering legal action against the district.

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