“Educational” Sex-Ed Poster Lists Sex Acts for Middle Schoolers

A hopelessly naïve Kansas father is outraged over an “educational” sex-ed poster that his middle-school daughter was exposed to at her local public school. The father first believed that the poster was a prank perpetrated by students, so he called the school to complain.

The school explained that the poster was actually not a prank. It was part of their middle school sex-ed “abstinence-based” curriculum. And it met federal standards. The father was outraged. Apparently, this man has been hiding under a rock for the last twenty years. The poster was titled, “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?” Included in the list was oral sex, anal sex, cuddling on the couch, and saying “I like you.” Because these things clearly belong on the same list directed to pre-teens.

As should be obvious, I find the man’s outrage ridiculous. This has been the direction of public school sex-ed classes from the outset. There really should be absolutely no question about this. For years, the scions of educational enlightenment have been recommending absolute sexual exploration among young people without any condemnation or judgment. Guilt is a byproduct of repression, they say, so we must do away with all repression by advocating absolute sexual license. The younger the child, the better, they say.

This institutionalized debauchery has had consequences. How could it not? Teen pregnancy rates have been rising, which has fueled the abortion problem. And our children are dabbling in things I didn’t even know about in my youth. Hardcore pornography and drug addiction, orgies, and rapes, used to be the plague of the seedier Tenderloin districts of the dirtiest and most desperate inner cities. Now they are in our middle schools. And a hyper-sexualized population of youths makes incest and pedophilia a much thornier problem as well.

If you think all this has nothing to do with the crazed perverts we have designated as our children’s wards, you are crazy. We are reaping what we have sown. It was time to pull our kids out of public schools one hundred years ago. How much more will people take?