Ed Schultz Says Civilians Have Never Stopped A Mass Shooting

The ability of Liberals to deny basic facts is often mind-boggling. It has gotten to the point that those who are employed by the likes of MSNBC and The New York Times are no longer remotely credible in anything they say. They could be reading the lunch menu, and I wouldn’t believe them. Once again, MSNBC is lying in pursuit of the “truth.”

According to Ed Schultz, of MSNBC, never has a shooting been stopped by a civilian. According to Schultz:

“Would it be a deterrent if, you know, say perpetrators know that there’s guns in the schools? How do we know they wouldn’t view that as a challenge? I mean, we got a goofy world out there. I’m just not convinced that packing a small firearm is the best defense or certainly not the best defense. You know, you want to make the best defense? Make the school a damn fortress. I mean, you could do that, I mean but, is that reasonable? Is that the right thing to do? Is it necessary? And so I’m just, is it nec-, haven’t we had enough school shootings where this is necessary? We’ve never had a civilian stop a shooting.”

Not only is this claim ludicrous, it apparently stems from a Mother Jones report that makes the same assertions. However, if you look at the Mother Jones article, it excludes all mass shootings where less than four individuals have been shot and killed. In almost every instance where a civilian stopped a shooting, the gunfire ended before the gunman killed more than four people. It is a wildly inaccurate survey, used only as a Liberal talking point. The survey is backward in the way it deals with the evidence. It says that because no mass shooting with more than four victims has been stopped by a civilian, a civilian has therefore never stopped a shooting. The premise is false. Every shooting that has been stopped by civilians has been stopped before more than four victims were killed. By excluding those examples, the survey is irredeemable.

The Left will stop at nothing to spread lies even when they know they are patently false. The entire reason the survey doesn’t include shootings stopped by civilians is because civilians actually stopped the shootings before they went too far. In that regard, the survey is deliberately disingenuous; and not even intelligently so.

As I mentioned several columns ago, concealed carry laws are the most effective way to put an end to mass shootings. There are legitimate surveys to back that up. Ed Schultz doesn’t care about the truth, he only cares about his Socialist, mega-liberal ideology.

When we have those who are supposed to be keepers of objective truth creating a shadow to conceal what is right, what are they? They are charlatans. They are liars. They are frauds. Ed Schultz is a fraud, and needs to be removed from the airwaves.