Dr. Ben Carson Once Tried to Stab Someone…What Do You Think He Did Afterwards?

Dr. Ben Carson has exploded on the GOP scene. Your average, grassroots Republican loves his honesty and candor in all things. In fact, his willingness to say exactly what he believes has endeared him to many voters who have grown tired of politicians who speak like politicians.

Over the last few months he’s taken the opportunity to venture onto MSNBC and CNN, where he’s been asked hard questions about his comments and philosophies… and he’s walked away from those encounters unscathed. Each new interview that he comes out from without falling flat on his face makes him more and more plausible as a Presidential candidate.

In a recent interview with the Daily Caller, the rising Republican star admitted to a very harrowing experience he had as a young man that would have ended his dreams of medicine (and politics) before they ever started.

I had real anger issues. I would just fly off the handle and really become quite irrational and try to hurt people with baseball bats, hammers, whatever. In this particular case, I happened to have a large camping knife. And, you know, one of my friends angered me. And I just lunged at his abdomen with the knife. Probably would have seriously injured or killed him, but he happened to have on a large metal belt buckle under his clothing, upon which the blade broke.

And, of course, he fled in terror. But I was more horrified than he was, because I realized that I was trying to kill somebody over nothing — and that I would never realize my dreams of becoming a physician. And I would end up in jail, reform school, or the grave. And I just locked myself in the bathroom and started praying

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