Donate To The Young White Woman Attacked By A Black Man She Helped

Katie Schlinger, 26 years old, of Tallahassee, FL, was visiting Aiken, SC, to support her brother, who was in the hospital for open heart surgery.

She stayed at a nearby hotel. Restless at 4 a.m., she went to have a cigarette in the warmth of her car in the parking lot.

There she was approached by a black man, 23-year-old Michael Antwon Fuller. He asked her for a cigarette.

They conversed about their respective relatives in the hospital.

Eventually Fuller asked the young woman if she wouldn’t mind giving him a ride to the hospital so he can check up on his uncle (who probably didn’t exist).

Schlinger employed the wise tactic of recalling patterns she has been made aware of in life, patterns of blacks’ way of speaking, their way of dress, and their attitudes.

After deciding Fuller was one of the safe blacks–he didn’t look, act, or talk like the ones she has learned through pattern-observation to avoid–she agreed.

She joked, “I’ll give you a ride if you promise not to hurt me,” to which he replied with what should have canceled her agreement to help him: “Who could hurt that precious face?”

Arriving at one entrance of the hospital, Fuller told her no, that it was the wrong entrance. Driving to another entrance, he told her again no, it’s another entrance. In her confusion and her focus in trying to find the right entrance, he pulled out the gun he was naturally carrying and smacked her in the face with it.

As she begged him to stop, to take her money, take her car, just please, stop, he hit her in the head and told her to keep driving.

She kept driving.

Then, at one point, she sped up the car and jumped out of the driver’s-side door, dazing herself by the force of hitting the pavement.

By the time she stopped rolling, Fuller had already slid into the driver’s seat and driven back to where she landed.

He got out of the car, forced her on her knees, and made her give him oral sex with the gun pointed at her head.

She told him she had thousands of dollars in her bank account and that she would drive him to an ATM and give it all to him.

When the both of them back in the car, she slammed it in reverse toward the emergency-room entrance.

Fuller continually hit her in the head with his gun until she accidentally rammed a tree from behind, knocking them both unconscious.

When she awoke, he was still out cold.

A car drove by, picked her up, took her the rest of the way to the hospital. When authorities arrived at the scene of her crash, they arrested Fuller, who was still in a daze.

Among other charges, he was charged with kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct. He’s the lucky one.

All of this happened December 20. Schlinger is still in the hospital and undergoing surgeries.

Two of her surgeries were on her spine. At first it was determined she would never walk again, but that prognosis has been upgraded to requiring a cane for the rest of her life.

She is undergoing intense physical therapy (on January 3 her family celebrated her taking 83 steps).

She can’t write anymore, she can’t brush her teeth by herself, she can’t dress herself.

Her family hasn’t received the Aiken hospital bill yet, but since being treated there, she’s been transferred to a hospital in Augusta, GA, where the bill has already reached $250,000.

That figure is still climbing.

Katie Schlinger’s family has created a GoFundMe page for her. They aren’t asking for donations to cover the entirety of her medical bills; all they are asking for is a total of $100,000 to help towards the final bill.

As of this writing early Monday afternoon, they have raised $15,804 in private donations in the 11 days since the page was created. Given that 259 people have donated so far, the average donation is $61.

Seeing that they have approximately $84,000 to go, if everybody donated $5, it would require 16,800 people doing so. I know LastResistance gets a far, far higher number of visitors per month than that. If everybody donated $10, it would require 8,400 people doing so.

The donation page is here. Please donate. Please share her story and share her GoFundMe page. If it’s any extra motivation, you can see this as an opportunity to show liberals how much more worthy private charity is than government welfare.