Donald Trump Torches Jeb Bush in New Ad Slamming Bush on Illegal Immigration!


I mean, all I can say after watching the latest Trump ad is… ouch.

The Trump campaign just released their latest ad targeting establishment favorite Jeb Bush and it is as powerful as it is wrong-headed. Look, I dislike Jeb Bush as much as the next conservative, but this video makes it seem as if Bush is endorsing the violent crimes of certain illegal immigrants by calling them “acts of love.”


While Bush’s “acts of love” comment is ridiculous, so too is connecting that comment to violent crimes. Trump should be slamming Bush for his ridiculous support of law-breaking illegal immigrants, but he goes to far by connecting him to these three murderers.

Meanwhile the Bush campaign responded to the ad by attacking Trump’s past support of soft-on-crime Democrats.

“While Donald Trump was still supporting liberal, soft-on-crime politicians, Jeb Bush accumulated an eight-year record of cracking down on violent criminals as governor of Florida. Mr. Trump’s immigration plan is not conservative, would violate the constitution and cost hundreds of billions of dollars, which he will likely attempt to pay for through massive tax hikes,” Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said in an email.

Needless to say, I don’t think the Jeb Bush campaign appreciated Donald Trump’s latest ad.