Donald Trump Knocks ‘Em Dead in Macon, Georgia

On Monday Donald Trump traveled to Macon, Georgia on the heels of getting the endorsement of a large group of African-American pastors. The event in Macon was designed to play on those endorsements and to rally Trump’s base against the biased media and political operatives who continue to attempt to smear the man as “racist” and “misogynist.” In his speech Trump argued that he was neither of those things, adding that what he is… is the frontrunner.

In fact, Trump bellowed the only way for any of the other candidates to win is to go through him (Trump).

Lindsey Graham, disaster. Rick Perry, disaster. All like disasters. Think of this… So far, Christie hasn’t hit me yet. He will. He has to, he has no choice. He’s at like 2 or 3-percent. He’s going to hit me at some point. Rubio’s got to hit me. Hey, there’s only one way you get to the top and it’s all through Trump, let’s face it. They have to. Even I think Cruz is going to have to hit me… Someday he will hit me and it will be a sad day.