Donald Trump Goes ‘Birther’ On Ted Cruz!

For years we on the right have had to deal with ‘birther’ talk from both sides. Our allies have become infatuated with proving the illegality of President Obama’s Presidency, and our enemies have used that focus to ridicule us. With President Obama’s time drawing to an end and a fresh batch of new candidates rising up, it seems that some in the ‘natural born citizen’ debate community are refocusing on new targets… this time however, they are all Republican.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal have all come under fire in recent days for having ‘unorthodox’ Presidential heritage. The vast majority of Americans believe that all three men fit the definition of ‘natural born citizen,’ but there are camps on both sides of the political aisle who disagree — and the conversation about their eligibility has only just begun.

But begun it has… with billionaire pseudo-Republican Donald Trump.

The reality show host and real estate tycoon who repeatedly demanded President Barack Obama present proof that he was born in Hawaii turned his attention to presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday.

In an effort to keep himself relevant for his never-ending possible presidential campaign, Trump brought the same accusations about presidential eligibility against Cruz.

Trump CruzIn an interview with MyFoxNY after Cruz’s big 2016 presidential announcement, Trump again raised the issue about the Canadian-born Cruz’s citizenship, and said it could be a hurdle in the senator’s quest for the Republican presidential nomination.

“Well he’s got, you know, a hurdle that nobody else seems to have at this moment,” Trump told the station. “It’s a hurdle and somebody could certainly look at it very seriously.”

“You’re supposed to be born in this country, so I just don’t know how the courts would rule on it. But it’s an additional hurdle that he has that no one else seems to have,” Trump added.

This isn’t the first time Trump brought up the issue of Cruz’s eligibility. In 2013, Trump had similar questions about Cruz and his birthplace.

“Well, if he was born in Canada, perhaps not.” Trump said in an interview on ABC. “I’m not sure where he was born… You’ll have to ask him that question, but perhaps not. I don’t know the circumstances. I heard somebody told me he was born in Canada. That’s really his thing.”

Trump again appears to be wrong in his accusations of Cruz, as Bloomberg pointed out, most legal experts say that Cruz, whose mother was born in the U.S., meets the constitutional stipulation of “natural-born” citizenship. As stated in The Naturalization Act of 1790, people born outside the U.S. to U.S. citizens are still natural-born citizens.

Earlier this month Trump announced the launch of his presidential exploratory committee, calling himself “the only one who can make America truly great again.” This is the fifth time Trump has thrown his hat into the presidential ring, however briefly, since 1988.