Donald Sterling Deserves Jail Time! –The Psychotic Liberal

Can you even believe what is going on in the NBA right now? A man gets fired and fined $2.5 million for being a total racist.

$2.5 million! Fired! That’s it! Whatever happened to jail in this country? Oh, that’s right, racist ‘Murrica only sends AFRICAN-AMERICANS to jail!

Why hasn’t the NBA called the police on this fat old white man, Donald Sterling, and demanded his immediate arrest? He committed a hate crime, so why is he allowed to get away with it?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because he’s a WHITE CIS MALE1 he has white privilege, cis privilege, and male privilege. White cis men own this disgusting country and they don’t like punishing each other. They show favoritism among their own kind. They’re all racist, each and every one of them. The only reason they punished Donald at all, if you can even call it a punishment, is because his racist and abusive phone call became public. If they kept him with the NBA after that, they’d be proven to be racists. So the fact that they let him go AFTER he was caught instead of BEFORE just further proves they ARE racists!

Face it, white people, you’re all privileged and you all take advantage of that privilege at the expense of people of color.

Why are we letting white men own basketball teams anyway? Basketball is a part of AFRICAN culture. It was like invented in Africa. A white man owning a basketball team is basically like a white man owning an African American, or like apartheid.

It’s so typical of whites to go appropriating other people’s cultures and profiting off of the sweat of PoC. We whites (ew, I hate even saying the word!) saw African Americans using basketball to escape the system of oppression whites created in the inner cities, and we just couldn’t have that.

So we created the NBA to enslave African Americans to yet another white system. This is just history, people, you can’t deny it.

Under the guise of saving them, we pushed them out of one form of oppression–the poverty that we whites created for African Americans–and into another form of oppression–the white-owned NBA. We told African Americans that if they wanted to get anywhere in life, they either have to play for the NBA or make a rap album. And it was all for our own sick entertainment!

do you know what African Americans would be doing if it wasn’t for whites forcing them into making a career instead of just a hobby out of basketball ? They’d probably be curing cancer, eradicating sickness and poverty around the world, and inventing things for the betterment of all of humanity. They’re SO much smarter than we whites are, and the only reason they don’t excel is because we don’t let them!

I can’t STAND being white. It makes me nauseous. We are all Donald sterling, and we all deserve some hard-earned jail time.

–The Psychotic Liberal