Dollar Store Robber Becomes Acquainted With Second Amendment

A young black Alabama man, Adric White, age 18, who I’d bet my next paycheck comes from a Democrat-voting family that listens to rap music in the car with their windows down, held up a Family Dollar store on November 12. (What, did you expect I was going to say he contributed something to society?)

In the process of trying to rob the place, he was taught the finer points of the Second Amendment, getting himself shot five times by a customer.

He did survive, however. For the time being, he’s been hospitalized, but when he’s good enough to be released, it’ll be into a jail cell.

The man who shot White is remaining anonymous, lest he be George Zimmerman’d by the media and President Obama . He told Fox’s Mobile affiliate what happened:

White] had the gun to [a customer’s] head, he had him on his knees. [I] drew my gun on him and I said, ‘Hey, don’t move.’ At that point he swung around, and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me, I fired.

An unidentified member of White’s family—probably his mom—reacted this way:

If [the good samaritan’s] life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed the gun at him, what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone? You should have just left the store….

Let’s parse this, shall we?

“If his life was not in danger…”: Well, woman, everybody’s lives were in danger if they were in that store where your thug relative (son?) was waving his gun around.

“[I]f no one pointed the gun at him…”: White did have a gun on him when he swung his arm around and pointed it at him. It was only at that point that the other customer shot White.

“[W]hat gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?”: We all have the right to “think” whatever we want. But I’m sure the woman meant to ask what gives the customer the right to just shoot someone. But…well, no, she can’t have been asking that, because then she would also be asking, “What gives Adric White the right to just hold up a store and put a gun to a kneeling man’s head?” And surely she’s not suggesting that her baby is allowed to steal and aim guns at heads and act like a typical, er, rapper, but that other people aren’t allowed to defend against it, right?

“You should have just left the store…”: Yeah, why didn’t the customers think of that? I guess it just never dawned on them to just tell the robber, “Hey, I’m gonna leave now.”

Two months prior to this incident, Adric White robbed an Oyster House with a gun. Both he and his ignorant relative (mother?) should feel lucky that he wasn’t permanently removed from society right then and there. Wa-pow, as the Knockout kids say. Or rather, ka-blam!

Here you can watch the news segment put together by Fox in Mobile (and listen to White’s relative share her not-at-all irrational point of view).