DOJ Unveils Transgender Awareness Training for Police

Apparently, the police are not sensitive enough to transgender people. At least, that is what the Department of Justice thinks. It just unveiled a program to train police in transgender awareness.

According to the DOJ, transgender people are often the victims of violence, but they are less likely to report crimes against them because of the way they perceive the police. And the DOJ thinks it can train police how to change that perception.

Just exactly what the police need training in was unclear. According to Yahoo! News:

The lesson plans includes suggestions for confronting bullying in schools as well as lists of do’s—such as asking a person for his or her preferred gender pronoun—and don’ts, such as using the term “transvestite” or asking whether the person has had sex-change surgery.

I think the best part of this whole paragraph is this line—“asking a person for his or her preferred gender pronoun.” I am just outraged that this writer would limit the gender options of transgender people to “his or her.” Doesn’t this writer realize how insensitive that is toward transgender people? Only small-minded bigots use such exclusive binary oppositions. Using only “him” and “her” just continues to reinforce the tyranny of heterosexual normativity.

I’m being sarcastic, of course.

But I’m not exaggerating what people in the transgender department think. How about this quote from a blog about getting English a true “gender-neutral” pronoun:

Many people have expressed the need for a singular gender-neutral third-person pronoun: that is, a pronoun to use when someone’s gender is unknown or when the individual is neither male or female. Such instances occur when addressing transgender and genderqueer people who don’t feel comfortable being addressed with masculine or feminine pronouns . . .

Fifty years ago we were having a battle about the neutral singular pronoun with feminists who thought “he and she” and “his and her” needed to start cluttering up sentence structures for no reason. And now this poor Yahoo! writer who thinks he is being so politically correct shows himself behind the times even while reporting on the future of sensitivity training.

This just shows how ridiculous and pathetic we’ve become as a society. The police are being forced to learn how to put on kid gloves for cross-dressing prostitutes and men who want to trade their penises in for vaginas (clearly a very stable and reasonable segment of society). And we’re being forced to pay for these transgender “training” programs through our taxes. And, in the end, I guarantee you it will serve no one—not transgender people or anyone else. It just adds to the accumulated detritus of political correctness that clogs the arteries of transparent communication and forces everyone into victimhood.