Doctor: “We Don’t Prevent Any More We Just Treat Existing”

My wife went to the doctor yesterday to get a refill on a prescription.  She has a history of recurring urinary tract infections, but treating them is difficult because there are a number of medications that she can’t take.  They have tried numerous varieties and she either reacts to the medication or it does nothing to cure her infection.  Nearly twenty years ago, one doctor found a medication that worked.

Since she had such a history of infections, he gave her a prescription for 60-90 pills to keep on hand.  As soon as she felt the start of an infection, she could start immediately on the meds to prevent it from getting worse and heal it sooner.  She has never had a problem getting that prescription renewed until today.  When she asked the doctor, he told her that they can’t do that anymore.  He told her:

“We don’t prevent anymore, we just treat existing conditions.  Every time you feel an infection coming on, you have to come in, and we’ll run a urine sample and then prescribe a medication.  We have to verify infection and then prescribe medication.”

That’s all fine and dandy if you have insurance and the time to run to the doctor all the time, but she doesn’t have insurance and she doesn’t have the time to make frequent trips to the doctor.  It seems that this is all part of the new rulings that they have been given this year.

The doctors no longer want to help patients prevent illnesses or allow them to treat them at the first onset with something that is tried and true.  No, they want to see you each and every time, but you know as well as I do that sometimes it can takes several days to see the doctor because they are all booked up.  In that time, a normal UTI can easily move into the kidneys, making you much sicker and longer to cure.

This is the new face of health care thanks to Obamacare.