Disgruntled Former News Anchor Murders Journalist and Cameraman on Live TV

Former Roanoke, Virginia news anchor Vester Lee Flanagan II, whose TV name was Bryce Williams, shot and killed news anchor Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward live on TV during an interview. Flanagan recorded himself murdering the two and posted the video on his Facebook account.

In his Twitter feed was a comment about how Alison had “made racist comments.” He didn’t care for Adam the cameraman either, because he had apparently gone to HR to complain about Flanagan.


Under ordinary circumstances, this would be classified as a hate crime. By “ordinary,” I mean if the suspect were white and the victims were black. Because the two victims were white, and the suspect is black, this will never be classified as a hate crime, no matter what evidence there is to corroborate such a statement. The murderer will be called a “disgruntled employee.”

He got fired a couple years ago. He had filed an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) complaint against the network he worked for WDBJ, citing racial discrimination. His complaint didn’t go anywhere.

He was known for angry outbursts at work. The day he was fired, they had to clear the room completely while he packed up his stuff, fearing that he might actually hurt someone. He was escorted out by police.

Get ready for liberal news anchors to sympathize with him, saying that they know how he feels. And get ready for the media to use the most flattering images of him when referring to him. If it were a white guy, they’d find the most disgusting rendering of his face they could find and then Photoshop it to make it worse. They’d call him a white supremacist and domestic terrorist. But this guy? He’s just a disgruntled employee who was mistreated and misunderstood at work.