Discrimination? Restaurant Refuses To Serve Military Vet Because Of His Service Dog

We all know what happens if a business refuses to bake a cake for a “gay” wedding. They get sued and end up being forced to either bake that cake or shut down.

It used to be that the government didn’t get involved in the market. That’s what made it a free market. If a business owner didn’t want to serve a person for any reason, he didn’t have to. If it was for racial reasons, as morally bad as that was, he was allowed to make that decision as a business owner and suffer the consequences (if any) as a result.

You ever see those signs that read “No shoes, no shirt, no service?” Those businesses have a right to refuse to serve people who aren’t wearing shoes or a shirt.

There is a growing group of people that call themselves “barefooters.” As the name suggests, they don’t wear shoes, or “foot coffins,” as they call them. That group of barefooters could file suit against businesses that “discriminate” against barefooters, but we all know that it would get nowhere. No one cares about barefooters. They’re not a protected class of people like homosexuals are.

Apparently, there’s another unprotected class of people:  military veterans. The Blaze reported:

A military veteran with more than two decades of service was asked to leave a Houston restaurant this week because of his service dog — and law enforcement upheld the restaurant’s decision.

Aryeh Ohayon, an Army and Navy veteran, told KHOU-TV that his service dog, Bandit, helps him cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“He’s the alert if I start to have a panic attack or start to go into a flashback mode,” Ohayon told the news station. 

Ohayon takes Bandit with him everywhere. On Tuesday, that was the Thai Spice Buffet II.

Ohayon says he was denied service at the restaurant because of his dog. Once outside the building, he told KHOU, he called police, but when an officer arrived, he was met with a response that he didn’t expect.

“I told him what my disabilities were. That’s when he said, ‘you’re not blind,’” Ohayon said. “[He said],’I don’t see why you need the dog.’”

Now, again, a business should have the right to bar anyone it wants for whatever reason it wants. I don’t think the vet should have gotten the police involved over something like this. He could have taken to social media and petitioned the restaurant to change their rules to allow him to eat there. If they still didn’t allow it, he could’ve led a boycott against them if he felt that strongly about it.

The point is, businesses are still free to bar anyone they want. Like this vet and his service dog. Or people who don’t wear shoes or shirts. Or people carrying concealed guns. But if it’s a homosexual, you’d better serve them and give them whatever they want or get sued and face prison time.