Discrimination? Female Police Officers Sue Department, Because They Couldn’t Pass Fitness Test

They say they want equality, but when they’re treated as everyone else is, they get offended. So offended that when they couldn’t pass the fitness test, they actually thought the department was out to get them. They were obviously trying to get rid of the older female officers. At least that’s what the officers and their attorney believe.

Twenty five out of over 600 officers in the Colorado Springs Police Department didn’t quite pass muster in their physical fitness test, which required that officers be able to do 52 pushups in two minutes, 45 sit-ups in two minutes. There were also a couple running tests. Twelve of those 25 were women. That means that the remaining thirteen were men, if my math is correct. I don’t think the men are suing the department.

The rules are that if officers don’t pass the fitness test, they’re assigned to desk duty for six months, during which time the officer can get in better shape and retake the test. If they again fail, their employment is subject to termination. The Daily Caller reported:

A U.S. District court ruled the twelve officers who are all at least 40 years old must be reinstated until a final ruling, although they failed the physical fitness test, reported Colorado Springs outlet KRDO.

“I think the motivation in part is to get rid of these older women officers,” the women’s attorney, Ian Kalmanowitz, told KKTV News, another local outlet.

Local residents, however, are concerned their police force wouldn’t be able to pass a fitness test. Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey told CBS Denver he is disappointed, but will obey the judge’s decision.

“I very firmly stand behind physical fitness tests for our officers,” Carey said. “I think what I’m asking them to do is fair and my hope is a federal judge also agrees with this.”


“These officers have dedicated their lives to the police department, to the citizens of this community, and they’ve had that taken away from them,” Kalmanowitz told KKTV News. “Not being allowed to wear a uniform, not being allowed to wear a badge, do their job.”

They may have “dedicated their lives to the police department,” but if you’re not cut out for the job, the employer has every right to let you go or relegate you to desk duty for a time as they did in this case.

This is what true equality looks like. I don’t think these women really understand. Everyone was held to the same standard. That’s equality. And because they didn’t pass the fitness test, they’re mad and crying about discrimination.

In a sense, it is discrimination. The department is discriminating against those who can’t pass their physical fitness test. Thirteen guys and twelve women didn’t pass, and they got relegated to desk duty. That kind of discrimination is not against the law. The department obviously wants to make sure their officers are in at least decent shape.