Dinesh D’Souza Destroys Liberal College “White Privilege” Argument

Brilliant conservative Dinesh D’Souza recently visited Amherst College to speak about the cultural/political collapse that liberals are forcing upon our nation. During the question and answer segment of his time with Amherst’s students, D’Souza thoroughly wrecked the idea that “white privilege” is a problem that the culture at large should be “fixing.” D’Souza uses logic and history to thoroughly dismantle the liberal fallacies being propagated on our campuses and happily makes one liberal student look foolish while doing so.

Starting about 7:50 in the video:

“History is very complicated. Let me give you an example of India, so we can look at this at the level of theory. Ok? India was invaded by the British, and earlier by the Afghans, and the Persians and the Mongols. So you have all these successive invasions. Right? Are you actually saying that you believe in a rule of social justice today, that says globally – lets look at this as a global rule of justice – I’m going figure out whose ancestors did what to whom and I’m going to return goods that were illicitly taken from the beginning, to the people who had it originally. Do you believe that’s a viable way to organize our society?
Do you believe, if I can ask you a direct question, that you are the benefit of “white privilege” here at Amherst? Yes, or no? If you are, can I ask you a further question?

Then moving ahead to 10:45:

Since you are an acknowledged beneficiary of illicit ‘white privilege.’ Would you be willing to step aside, voluntarily, putting your own moral mouth where your ‘self-proclaimed virtue’ is, and give your seat, your seat, not my seat, I realize you may be super generous with other people’s advantages and favor affirmative action so other white kids who apply to Amherst are turned away to open spaces for minorities. But I’m not talking about you acting out you acting out your virtue on them. I’m talking about you acting out your virtue on you. Are you willing to give up your illicit seat, that you don’t deserve here at Amherst to make room for a disadvantaged minority? Yes or no?”