Obama Makes More Dictatorial Moves To Disarm Americans

When I see the Associated Press post one of their articles under the heading “The Big Story,” I expect them to provide some context and background. I guess I’m confused—thinking of the implications of the term “big picture.” In any case, this report tells us that Obama is using unconstitutional dictatorial powers executive orders to harass and burden gun owners, would-be gun owners, and to discourage the acquisition of guns.

The first line of the story is ironic: “Vice President Joe Biden says if Congress won’t act on gun control, he’ll fight for a new Congress.”

Wishful thinking. Such a strategy would mean that Congress actually had significant power. The very next sentence begins a paragraph showing the real White House strategy.

“Biden is unveiling two new steps President Barack Obama is taking on gun violence. The executive actions don’t require approval from Congress, where gun legislation collapsed earlier this year. One new step will curb the import of military surplus weapons. The Obama administration is also proposing to close a loophole that lets certain weapons be registered to corporations without background checks. Biden says the steps are straightforward, simple and common-sense.”

So, basically, a fringe benefit to the robbed taxpayers forced to support a bloated military-industrial complex has been taken away. The price of firearms will rise. I suppose Biden wants the surplus to now be given to the narco-cartels in Mexico since the DOJ source has dried up. The other is not commonsense at all: how many people have ever heard a man committing a crime with a firearm owned by a corporation? This does nothing significant to avert any of the gun violence in the US. It is just harassment of the people.

I won’t complain about Obama defying the will of the people—of which Congress is a closer measure than Biden’s boasting. After all, if Obama has a right to use cruise missiles to kill many more children than were killed at Sandy Hook, to enforce his command that the leader of a sovereign nation step down from office, then how can I limit his authority here in North America? In that case the Constitution is a dead letter and we can just be thankful Biden didn’t announce mass gun confiscations.

But the background here is interesting. One of Obama’s earlier but recent executive orders was to end the ban on the Centers for Disease Control doing “health” studies on guns. When he signed that order, liberals were gleeful:

“Mainstream media outlets praised the order to lift the ban and lambasted the NRA and Congress for having put it in place. It was the ‘Executive Order the NRA Should Fear the Most,’ according to The Atlantic. The CDC ban on gun research ‘caused lasting damage,’ reported ABC News. Salon said the ban was part of the NRA’s ‘war on gun science.’ And CBS News lamented that the NRA ‘stymied’ CDC research. Most mainstream journalists argued the NRA’s opposition to CDC gun research demonstrated its fear of being contradicted by science; few—if any—cited why the NRA may have had legitimate concerns. The culture of the CDC at the time could hardly be described as lacking bias on firearms.”

But the NRA didn’t need to worry. The CDC’s first study completely backed up the NRA’s position. So did a recent Harvard study.

Yet Obama and Biden push on as if their mass-disarmament story is as credible as ever.