DHS Orders 200 Million More Bullets

Our Department of Homeland Security is at it again with ordering more bullets. They’ve already ordered over a billion, many of which are of the hollow-point variety, which are especially deadly. But that wasn’t enough, so they’ve ordered an assortment of about 200 million more bullets, 176,000 of which are specifically designed for sniper rifles. In addition to bullets, DHS has been ordering riot gear as well as checkpoint booths complete with “stop and go” lights. They’re gearing up for civil unrest. They’re also buying up all the ammo.

Anybody who calls the government’s actions into question is immediately labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” They can buy all the ammo in world, and the media won’t bat an eye. But who are the real conspiracy theorists when an average American citizen can buy a few boxes of ammo, and that’s considered “suspicious activity?”

Last month, a commercial fisherman named Brian Loftus bought a few boxes of ammo from his local gun store, and that following night he received a phone call from the police department. They had already checked his record and found that he had no history of criminal activity. They were calling “just to make sure” that he wasn’t going to do anything crazy. It turns out, the man who sold Loftus the ammo was the one who turned him in. “If you see something, say something.” Isn’t that what the DHS has been trying to teach us? So, the gun store clerk was just doing his job. Everybody is a suspect now.

That is, everybody except Homeland Security and other departments like the Social Security Administration, which are also buying up large amounts of ammo. What’s the SSA going to do with an armed police force of their own? Are they expecting 1000’s of angry seniors coming after them in some kind of “over 65” apocalypse demanding more money because their social security checks have become worthless? Or maybe the SSA’s checks will start bouncing.

The 2nd amendment doesn’t have anything to do with hunting. It has to do with protecting ourselves from tyranny. For a while, we could say that “we outnumber them,” referring to how many gun-owning citizens there were compared with our government, and maybe we still do outnumber them. But as the government continues to grow, and as they continue to buy up all the ammo, they may soon outnumber us, especially considering the military technology advantage they have over us. This is what they’re waiting for. They will fire the first shot, and those that dare try to defend themselves or their families will be called insurgents and terrorists. And thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act, anybody can be indefinitely detained without warrant, probable cause, charges, etc. We can be detained on mere “suspicion” of terrorism, which can apparently include buying ammo.

Well, DHS, we see your ammo stockpiling, and we are saying something about it now. You’re not going to do anything “crazy,” are you? Just wanting to “make sure.”