DHS Instructional Video For “Active Shooter” Situation: Just Die

I’m sure whatever government bureaucrat produced this video would disagree with me. His script doesn’t tell “civilian” viewers to die from a crazed gunman, he would claim. No he gives great advice on how to survive.

You watch the official Homeland Security video and you tell me.

However, I also think there is some great stuff in this instructional video that all Americans should see and take to heart. In fact, I recommend this video as the single most powerful argument that every adult American should have a handgun on his person at all times in public places.

The Good

Despite the statistical rarity of being attacked by an “active shooter,” DHS still wants you to take the threat seriously. It does happen. So there are some excellent statements in the beginning of the video.

“Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. It is important to be prepared for such an event. Make it a practice to identify potential escape routes. Have a plan in mind even if you are just visiting a facility. In the event of a shooting at your location, you must quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life. You will need to determine if the best course of action is to evacuate or to hide or to draw your weapon and kill the assailant.”

OK, I made up that last part of the last sentence. This DHS video would be no different if the Second Amendment had never been ratified. And the footage of unarmed sheep diving under useless tables is sickening. (The footage of people running out of the building isn’t quite as bad, but not everyone will have that opportunity.)

But again, there are some great admissions here. “It is important to be prepared for such an event.” Is this paranoia? “Have a plan in mind even if you are just visiting a facility. In the event of a shooting at your location, you must quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life.” Should everyone discount these statements as the ravings of a gun nut?

If not, why not make the obvious conclusion: You should purchase and train with a firearm that you keep with you at all times. This will mean a concealable handgun since, in our present culture, a rifle is not acceptable. Even if you fatally wound him, stopping a killer with one shot with a handgun is not guaranteed (plus such situations sometimes involve multiple perps). So you will want as large a magazine as your compact pistol will hold, and as your politicians will allow.

But again: BE PREPARED.  No less an authority than DHS tells you so.

The Bad

I’ve already alluded to this. The DHS Video considers running away, hiding, and calling 911 your only options. Worse, they even provide one more: grab a pair of scissors and rush the gunman. Here we see the delusions behind the crocodile tears and idiot praise for the Sandy Hook staff who died rushing the gunman. Yes they were brave. And if they had been armed they might be alive now, and might have been effective in stopping him.

You are not a superhero in a TV show. You are not Bruce Lee or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You will die. The police will be prying the scissors from your cold dead hands. DHS is lying to you.

You don’t bring scissors to a gun fight.

The Ugly

The advice for submitting to police is helpful but, in the context of disarmament, it is also degrading. We are told to be prepared to be screamed at and pushed around by these cops. Don’t ask them for personal help and never yell around them. Just follow orders and keep your empty hands up in the air with fingers apart as you do so. Again: sound advice, but insulting in context.


For a video that is under four minutes, I still think this is the most convincing case I have seen for not only the Second Amendment, but for personally owning and carrying a handgun.

(Note: here is another stellar example of disarmed preparation.)