Deviancy Trumps Conscience: Company Caves to Gay Demands

Another day, another tale of liberal fascism and bullying coming from the radical gay community.

AlandChuck Travel (ACT) is a travel agency whose motto touts that they are “America’s #1 Gay Travel Specialist.” Apparently a “gay-travel specialist” is a job in modern, degenerate America.

The company booked 1,000 passengers for its Drag Stars at Sea display of deviance with Carnival Cruise Lines.

Upon ACT’s booking of the cruise, Carnival sent them an email with some basic rules regarding cross-dressing (all errors of punctuation are their own):

“Carnival attracts a number of families with children and for this reason; we strive to present a family friendly atmosphere. It is important to us that all guests are comfortable with every aspect of the cruise. Although we realize this group consists solely of adults, we nonetheless expect all guests to recognize that minors are onboard and refrain from engaging in inappropriate conduct in public areas. Arrangements have been made for drag performances in the main theater featuring stars from LOGO TV. These functions will be private and only the performers are permitted to dress in drag while in the theater. Guests are not allowed to dress in drag for the performances or in public areas at any time during the cruise.”

 In short, only the official performers may dress up as their fantasy gender, and only in the main theater.

Many of the booked passengers were enraged that a private company would tell them that they can’t engage in their sexual fetish out in the open on the company’s private property; go figure.

Like a toddler who has learned that if he keeps screaming and flailing his arms in public his parent will give him whatever toy it was the denial of that caused him to throw a tantrum in the first place, ACT whined and claimed Carnival was homophobic.

Like a parent who buys a toy for his toddler in order to stop him from screaming and flailing his arms in public, Carnival caved and issued another statement: “Anyone who wishes to dress in drag may do so.”

Thus the toddlers were appeased.

Now let’s look at the double standard:

ACT is a private company that openly and proudly caters specifically and exclusively to gays. I don’t care.

But if Carnival, an equally private company, wants to tell the people on their private property, “Hey, if you’re a guy, please don’t wear fishnets and a mini-skirt,” ACT gets their panties in a wad.

What if Carnival stated on their website that they cater specifically and exclusively to straights? You can bet that ACT, not to mention the entire gay community, would object, and that they would sue Carnival and a federal judge would grant judgment in favor of ACT.

For you see, in today’s America, deviancy is endorsed, and decisions of the conscience are prohibited.