Detroit Woman Glad She Had Just Bought a Gun After What Happened to Her

A 50-year-old Detroit resident was advised by her brother to get a concealed carry permit and to buy a gun for her protection, as he advised all of his nine sisters to do. She was reluctant, because she didn’t ever want to have to use it to hurt or kill someone, but she took her brother’s advise. That was about a year ago.

Recently, that gun came in handy when someone was trying to break in her house with a crowbar. The intruder went all around the house until he found a window with no bars protecting it, and then he smashed in the window to get in.

The unnamed Detroit woman grabbed her gun and called 911. While she was on the phone with the dispatcher, she yelled at the guy, warning him that she was armed and that she would shoot if he didn’t leave. He didn’t care. He had nothing to fear, because he knew that Detroit was mostly a gun-free zone. At least that’s what he probably thought.

Seeing that the intruder had made his way in despite her warnings, the Detroit homeowner shot him once, wounding him in the arm. He was taken to the hospital after police arrived.

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Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of these types of incidents in Detroit. They vindicate what Detroit’s new police chief has been saying ever since he assumed that office. He actually encouraged homeowners to buy a gun for protection against criminals like the one in the story above, because the police won’t be able to come to everyone’s aid “when seconds count.” It’s no coincidence that ever since Police Chief James Craig came to Detroit, their self-defense shootings have gone up, and their criminal homicides and violent crime rates have gone down.