Detroit Carjacker Assures Black Bystander: “You Good, I Only Rob White People”

It doesn’t matter how blatant the criminal’s racial motives are, it will never be classified as a hate crime, simply because he’s black, and the victims are white. If a white criminal had said to a white bystander, “You good, I only rob black people,” the media would have given that story wall-to-wall coverage for the next year-and-a-half.

Twenty-four-year-old Brandon Lamar Williams just might make the top ten list for worst criminals ever. Here’s what happened:

According to Detroit News, Williams approached a couple white guys in their 2015 Ford Fusion with two revolvers, one in each hand. He demanded an Apple Watch, a couple rings, and a black bag from the first guy.

During the stick-up, he pointed a revolver at the second victim and pulled the trigger three times, but the gun jammed. He ordered the first man out of the vehicle and hit him in the face with his dysfunctional gun, breaking his nose. Williams instructed him to leave his laptop in the car.

Williams got in the driver seat and tried to drive, but he forgot about the emergency break, and he couldn’t move. A bystander, who happened to be black, saw Williams struggling to drive, and not realizing that he was stealing the car, advised him to release the parking break. Williams pointed one of his guns at the man who raised his hands in response. When Williams saw that it was a black man, he said, “Oh, you good. I only rob white people.”

Not wanting to deal with the over-complicated emergency break situation, Williams got out of the Fusion and got into a Liberty Jeep that he had parked nearby, which police later found out was stolen. When he backed up the Jeep, he hit the Fusion and then got stuck on a median. He eventually was able to flee the parking lot just as police came on the scene.

While driving around 90mph, he crashed into another vehicle, causing the Jeep to roll several times, and he hit a couple utility poles. This sent Williams through the windshield, and he landed in front of the vehicle, surrounded by downed power lines. He was arrested and sent to the hospital where he’s being treated for his injuries.