Detective Chains Man to Wall and Beats Him for not Confessing to a Crime

A detective chains a suspect to the wall even though the suspect never resisted.

A man was accused of killing his 7-month old son. As it turned out, he was never convicted. He was declared not guilty. But while he was being “interrogated” after he had been initially arrested, he was treated as if he were guilty.

An obviously distraught Deron Love was chained to a wall in an interrogation room, while Milwaukee Detective Rodolfo Gomez repeatedly tried getting him to confess to something he didn’t do, and when Love stood up and started yelling, that’s when Gomez punched him and kneed him. Others came in to help, and in the video, you can hear them yelling back, “Stop resisting!” There wasn’t any evidence of Love resisting.

Love said that he had left his 7-month old son alone in a room while he went and ironed clothes in another room. When he returned, he found his son unresponsive, and he said that he did shake him gently, and he poured cold water over him, but neither of those things helped. He then texted his girlfriend and called 911. His son died in the hospital from brain injury.

I’m not pretending I know exactly what happened or that Love is telling the whole story, or even that he’s lying. I don’t know. There obviously wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of murder. And in order to declare someone guilty of a crime, you have to have evidence that proves it. (Well, most of the time.)

But in the interrogation room, they had already made up their mind that he was guilty. They wanted him to agree to a deal where he’d plead guilty of a lesser charge and accept no more than 11 years in jail. He wouldn’t agree to it. And he never once “confessed” to anything. Maybe because he was innocent.

So, here’s video of the tensest parts of the “interrogation.” Keep in mind that Love’s son is dead, and that he’s being accused of murdering his son, and the detectives are trying to get him to confess to something that he didn’t do:

Detective Gomez was fired and was charged with two felonies, but he appealed. And the jury was not convinced that Gomez used excessive force. They were convinced that he actually “feared for his safety.”

This is what I think. Both of these guys lost their tempers. The guy who was chained to the wall wasn’t going to be able to do a whole lot with his anger except yell. He never tried striking anyone. He only showed aggression, and he yelled. The cop lost his temper and started beating the guy.

I think things may have been a little better if the police had not assumed Love was guilty. They like locking up people, prosecuting them, convicting them, and filling their jail cells. It looks good on paper. So, they have a vested interest in acting like all their suspects are automatically guilty, and if they would just “confess,” we can move things along nicely.

They should have treated him as an innocent man until he was proven guilty. Sure, they could question him, but until they had hard evidence that proved that Love murdered his son, then all he was was an innocent man who’s son died.