Despite Gun Control, New York City Shootings Up

They’re blaming the rise of shootings not on gun control itself but on the fact that the NYPD have recovered fewer guns this year than in previous years. This is a strange group of liberals though. In addition to blaming the rise in violence on lack of gun control, they also blame it on the decrease in “stop and frisks,” where police can stop anyone at random without warrant or probable cause, ID the person, and frisk him for weapons. This is one of the ways they got guns off the streets. Not surprisingly, most of these people being stopped and frisked at random are black.

Liberals are always portraying themselves as civil rights champions. Especially liberals from up north, who love to mock people in the south for being racists. Yet, here we have New York liberals saying we need more stop and frisks that intentionally target blacks, and that this is the only way they’ll reduce “gun violence,” because as they all know, most blacks are violent people. When New York liberals say things like that, they’re being “reasonable” and “realistic.” If a Southerner were to say the same things, it would be racist.

DNAinfo New York reports:

Police statistics show 1,935 guns were seized this year in the city as of Aug. 17 — a 2 percent drop over the same period last year when 1,975 weapons were recovered.

While the decline is not dramatic, it continues a steep four-year downturn that some observers believe is linked to the plunge in stop-and-frisksas well as a reluctance of officers to engage the public since an inspector general was created to monitor the NYPD amid sharp criticism of its actions.

If the decline continues this year, roughly 2,840 guns will be seized, which is 1,050 fewer guns than in 2009 and 1,200 fewer than in 2002 when 4,069 guns were confiscated.

“We are at a tipping point,” a former top police official said. “Gun seizures are down to historic lows and the primary reason is that the police are not looking for them. They have been told to leave people alone, and I don’t think it is any more complicated than that.”

At the same time, the number of shootings in the city this year has jumped by 10.3 percent as of Aug. 17, with 730 incidents reported compared to 662 last year.

De Blasio announced last week that he would spend $12.7 million to prevent gun violence by expanding a pilot program using “violence interrupters” — primarily ex-gang members — to intervene in street disputes before they escalate.

“It aims to prevent violence before it happens . . . to get this stopped before the police even have to become involved,” de Blasio said, noting that the NYPD will send additional officers to precincts where there have been upturns in gun violence.

This is simply the natural consequence of outlawing the 2nd Amendment. And when you outlaw the 2nd Amendment, it makes outlawing the 4th Amendment (stop and frisk) unavoidable.