Despite Best Efforts, We Cannot Stop Amnesty

Winston Churchill famously quipped: “A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen.” Politicians are often seen as divine beings; able to do things that the wee common folk cannot. Being that they have a higher level of power, that is generally the truth. However, despite being in elected office, those we send to Washington are simply people; and as such, they are restricted to the human abilities we all share. They are not superheroes. Interestingly enough, people seem to want to believe that politicians will not deceive or fail to keep their promises. Let’s all laugh together now!

A new poll is out regarding the border; security, immigration reform, and legalization. The poll deals with our understanding of government competency. According to Conservative Intelligence Briefing, a new poll conducted by Harper Polling suggests that

“…only 23 percent of the likely 2014 voters surveyed believe that the government will actually be able secure the border, whereas 53 percent believe it will not…The immigration bill also aims to prevent newly legalized residents from going directly on government assistance and living at taxpayer expense. But 49 percent of those surveyed believe the government will be unable to prevent this from happening…At 46 percent, Americans were slightly more inclined to believe that newly legalized migrants ‘work for less, take jobs away from Americans, and receive more in public benefits than they pay in taxes.’ But forty-one percent believe they ‘take jobs that others will not, pay their fair share in taxes, and help boost the economy.'”

Let’s break this poll down:

1. The article implies that Conservatives are underestimating the government’s ability in regard to securing the border. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Perhaps we are overestimating. The government–specifically Democrat lead government–has absolutely no desire to secure the border; their top priority is legalizing illegals so that they may gain votes. We are not underestimating, we’re just not idiots. Fool us once, shame on you; fool us…how many times has it been now?

2. The survey also says that 49% of those polled don’t believe that the government can prevent newly legalized aliens from sucking the taxpayers dry by going on federal assistance. I’m shocked that it’s that high, frankly. I didn’t know that many people were that savvy. If they were, Obama shouldn’t have been re-elected. But it makes sense. Let’s be real for a second: if the government can’t prevent current citizens from abusing federal assistance, how are we supposed to believe that those most likely to abuse the system won’t find a way to do so once they are legalized. Even now, illegal immigrants find ways to abuse taxpayers. Are we to believe that once they are legalized, they will suddenly stop the abuse?

3. A staggering 41% of those surveyed believe that–prep for laughter–legalized illegals would “take jobs that others will not, pay their fair share in taxes, and help boost the economy.” That is the most tired tripe I have ever heard. This line is repeated endlessly by advocates of legalizing illegal aliens, hoping that it will stick in our minds, and we will suddenly believe it. Apparently, 41% of us have fallen for the propaganda of repetition. That sentiment is simply not true. There are always going to be Americans willing to take any job to support themselves, and their families. Sure, there are hard working illegal aliens, but a mass of them act as a burden on our economy.

4. Finally–and I’ve mentioned this ad nauseam–legalizing illegal aliens is deeply unfair to those waiting in line to get here legally. In addition, it is an insult to legal immigrants who have waited in the past. But the Liberals don’t care. They want votes.

Politicians are not superheroes. We know this. They are human beings; and as such, are fallen beings. They deceive, connive, and plot to get what serves their best interests. It is a rare gem to find a politician whose interest is truly the people.

This poll seems a bit schizophrenic. On one hand, people surveyed seem sane in that they don’t believe the government is competent enough, or willing at all, to secure the border. On the other, a large portion think that legalized illegals would be a boon to our economy.

We have been fooled so many times on the issue of illegal immigration and the securing of the border. It’s not rocket science: build a wall. Being that it is as simple as it sounds, the only explanation as to why the border isn’t being secured is that those in power do not want it to be. The American people seem to see that; at least, that seems to be what this poll is suggesting. Yet we continue to vote for people who have a vested interest in leaving the border wide open.

Perhaps we’ve been thrown in so many directions that we don’t know what to believe anymore. In simple terms, here’s what I know to be true: real Conservatives want a secure border; faux Conservatives do not. Democrats want an open border and amnesty, because they know that legalizing illegal aliens will change our electorate in their favor for generations to come. The government will not secure our border; illegals will be legalized–insulting legal immigrants everywhere–and the Democrats will win.

We simply do not have enough real Conservatives to combat what is happening. A once promising Marco Rubio has fallen to “compromise;” and we all know what the Democrats’ definition of “compromise” is. How many other spineless “Conservatives” will fall before we get ourselves together and stop this absurdity?