Desperate for Signups, Obamacare Salesmen Pitch To Gay Bars

The administration is getting desperate for people to make the “Affordable” Care Act look like something other than the failure that it is.

A recent poll conducted by CNN and ORC International found that a meager 35% of those surveyed support Obamacare, a figure 5 points lower than what it was just a month ago. And what is perhaps most disconcerting is that most of that decline in approval comes from one of Obama’s and the Democrats’ most treasured voting blocs:

The drop in support indicated in the poll could be particularly troubling to the Obama administration because almost all of it came from women, whose opposition rose from 54 percent to 60 percent in a month. The administration has tried to highlight advantages for women, such as free preventative care that covers mammograms.

I guess their attempts to entice women with “free” contraception and abortion have fallen flat. So now they’re headed for the gay bars.

An assister with Washington D.C.’s particular healthcare exchange DC Health Link used condoms and lubricant to attract homosexual patrons at the local Town Danceboutique to get them to sign up for Obamacare. Politico reported:

Gays and lesbians represent a significant percentage of the 42,000 people who are uninsured in the District. Most are African-American and live in four wards where the uninsurance rate averages about 18 percent, far higher than the rest of the city.

The White House has stressed that gays and lesbians are more likely than other groups to be uninsured nationwide. The administration has been working with LGBT groups and on Tuesday released an infographic on ways the Affordable Care Act benefits them, including coverage for same-sex spouses and coverage of preexisting conditions including HIV/AIDS.

“Free” birth control was the sales pitch for women. For homosexuals, it’s “free” HIV and STD testing. And the fact that pre-existing conditions (like AIDS and HIV) will be covered. The condoms and lubricant that were on the table set up by DC Health Link assister John Esposito were provided by the Whitman-Walker Clinic, which also had an HIV testing van parked outside the gay bar. Politico continued:

As the hour got later and people loosened up…the traffic started to increase. More than a dozen guys who’d stopped by to grab condoms also took one of the Health Link’s info cards, chatting briefly with Esposito about the new insurance options created through Obamacare. Still, no one filled out the follow-up worksheet that would have enabled him to walk the person through the steps to actually signing up.

It’s got to be pretty bad when you have to use condoms and lubricant as bait to get people to sign up for some government program. And yet, they still didn’t bother signing up.