Denver Students Protesting Curriculum Change Which Would Teach American Patriotism

Jefferson County, Colorado encompasses the western half the Denver metropolitan area and has a population of just over 500,000. Like many larger cities, the population of Denver and Jefferson County has become liberal in a number of areas including education.

The Jefferson County School Board recently changed some of its board members. The new members are more conservative than the ones they replaced and they see what the liberal education has been doing to the local students. Consequently, they have made some proposals to the curriculum that are causing an uproar with hundreds of students and teachers.

On Friday, over 50 teachers from two schools called in sick or used a personal day, causing two schools to close for the day. On Monday, around 100 students at Evergreen High School walked out their classes to protest the proposed changes. On Tuesday, over 600 students from 5 high schools walked out of classes in protest.

So what are the proposals that have teachers and students so upset?

I hope you’re ready for how horrible these proposed changes are. You better be sitting down when you read them. The proposed changes are to the history curriculum which would teach a more positive attitude toward America. It would promote citizenship, patriotism, the positive aspects of a free market system and a respect for authority and individual rights. The proposal also calls for discouraging any form of civil disorder, social strife or any disregard for the law.

Now take a deep breath and let it out. I know that was shocking, but it’s true.

No decisions have been made yet, only proposed, but they are enough to get students, faculty and the community in an uproar. It seems that liberalism has been so ingrained into the students and many of the teachers that they can’t tolerate the idea of being taught to be loyal and patriotic to America. They don’t want to learn how the free enterprises system built this country and helped it achieve its greatness or the prosperity that they enjoy.

Lastly, they don’t want to be taught to obey the laws. After all, Barack Obama breaks laws almost every week, if not every day. US Attorney General Eric Holder, who is supposed to uphold the laws, breaks nearly as many as Obama. Colorado’s liberal Democratic governor and many state legislators have worked to strip Colorado residents of the Second Amendment rights and they also legalized recreational marijuana.

No wonder the thought of teaching students to be patriotic, respect and obey the laws and embrace free enterprise is such a horrifying concept to so many of them. Heaven forbid that they would embrace the things that gave them the lifestyle they are accustomed to. They would prefer to turn our nation into another Russia, China or Cuba.