Dems Offer Tips On How To Lie About Obamacare During Thanksgiving Dinner

As any good opposition researcher ought to do, a while back I put myself on the email mailing list of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). They send out an email every day, always asking for $3 donations and being generally over-enthusiastic about the Democratic Party’s future successes.

On November 26, however, they broke character and sent out a panicked email that anybody paying attention to the country around them would find hilarious.

“Bad news,” it beings. “The latest Republican assault on Obamacare has proven to be dangerously effective. Just this morning, CNN released a poll showing Republicans gaining a serious bump in approval with their sabotage playbook [emphasis theirs]. If we don’t respond to Republican smears with the facts right now, the damage to Obamacare AND our chances in 2014 could be irreversible.”

What Republican assault is the DCCC referring to? Are they considering reporting to be an assault? When 100,000 people gain health insurance through Obamacare while 5 million people lose health insurance or see their premiums double or triple because of Obamacare, is it an “assault” to report on those 5 million? Is it really a “smear” to give measured statistics? The damage to Obamacare has been dealt entirely by Obamacare itself, not by its detractors. The law doesn’t need detractors in order for people to hate the law; its negative effects exist regardless of what people say about it.

The only way for the DCCC to convince people that Obamacare isn’t as bad as reports make it out to be is if they target the people who haven’t been affected by the law, telling them that the people who have been negatively affected don’t actually exist.

Cue the next day’s email from them, from November 27, which reads, in part, “Let’s face it: we all have a crazy Tea Party relative (or two) who just loves bashing President Obama–even on Thanksgiving.”

Obama, the DCCC evidently believes, is a holy figure not to be blasphemed on holidays.

“If you’re worried that your Thanksgiving table will start looking like the set of Fox & Friends, we’ve got just the thing for you: the DCCC’s 2013 Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet! Don’t worry about printing it out–we’ll text it directly to your phone so you’ll always have the facts and stats you need to go up against all the nastiest Republican sound bites.”

Republicans are so nasty, acknowledging the millions of people harmed by Obamacare. But the DCCC’s answer to these nasty Republicans seems like less of a debate aid and more of a way to ensure you don’t get invited back by your nasty family for Thanksgiving next year: receive periodic text messages, during Thanksgiving dinner, which you are to read aloud to everyone at the table as you effortlessly ignore the millions adversely affected by it.

Stay classy, Democrats.