Why Democrats Want An Open Border

“God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them, any more than a boat without steam or a balloon without gas.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Human beings are created as blank slates. From our inception, we absorb the fine details that surround us. We soak up information, and as we do this, our unique personhood develops. We become more than just mirrors of our parents’ opinions; we become our own person, moved by all the desires of the human mind, and heart. In short, nothing we do is absent of motive. Every action, every word that passes our lips, is driven by our heart’s desire.

To understand motive is to possess a powerful tool. Understand motive, and every other piece of the puzzle falls into place. Just as motive is used in crime solving, it can be used to see through the often murky and ideological agendas of politicians.

Barack Obama, and the Democrats say many things. They make promises about Healthcare, then fail to deliver. They make proclamations regarding their intentions, then make decisions that indicate those proclamations were false. It’s all a lying game. However, one must understand the motive to understand the game.

The Democrats make seemingly endless promises regarding amnesty, and immigration reform. They prattle on about how if we simply grant citizenship to the dozens of millions of illegal aliens living in the United States, the borders will be enforced. Citizenship always comes before border security. A similar situation took place in 1986, and guess what? Border enforcement fell by the wayside. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The Democrats have been doing this for longer than many of us have been alive.

Inside all the debate about reform, one question needs to be asked: why do the Democrats refuse to secure the border? Why does amnesty have to come first? It’s all about motives. What do Democrats want? What does any corrupt politician want? Power. In this situation, what is the most effective way for the Democrats to gain, or simply keep a hold of their power? Lax border security.

1. Historically, Hispanic voters have largely voted for Democrat presidential candidates.

2. Granting citizenship to illegal aliens will eventually lead to those illegal aliens getting voting rights. At the very least, a lack of voter ID laws (laws strongly opposed by Democrats…see a pattern?) could lead many amnestied illegals to vote, regardless of whether or not it’s legally permitted.

3. Amnestied illegal aliens will generally be low-skill workers, many of whom will be recipients of government assistance. History, and common sense tells us that a portion of those who receive government assistance become lifelong parasites, taking when they no longer need to.

4. These parasitic citizens will always vote for the Party that gave them the benefits in the first place.

5. Amnestied citizens will be a boon to the Democrat Party. Eventually, the takers will outweighs the contributors, and conservatives will never again win a national election.

Given the possibilities of greater power, why on earth would Democrats want the border to be secured? An unsecured border will simply let in more Democrat voters. Their motive is power, and the means by which they will achieve their power is through an open border.

However, there is hope. By understanding motives, we can better play the game. And if we are good enough players, we can win the game. It’s up to us to to get politicians like Ted Cruz elected so that we can outmaneuver the Democrats, and put a stop to their insidious ideology.