Why The Democrats Use Children As Props

“A large group of Los Angeles residents have organized a trip to Vatican City to urge Pope Francis to advocate for legalizing illegal immigrants in the United States. The group will bring two children with them to tell the stories of how their parents illegally entered the country and were detained.” – Frances Martel

The one true mark of the Democrats is their usage of children in pushing any piece of their agenda. Hang on, let me rephrase that. Change “usage” to “exploitation.” Any time a tax increase is proposed, it’s for the children. Without it, the poor, poor children will go without! Without what? They never specify—t hat would require depth of lies, which they don’t have. Gun control? It’s to protect the children! Never mind that putting children in “gun-free zones” is essentially rounding up targets for a crazed gunman’s duck hunt. One of the most egregious ways in which the Democrats exploit children is in the battle over amnesty.

We all know why the Democrats so strongly want amnesty for illegal aliens: votes. If illegals are granted citizenship, the Democrats will have gained tens of millions of new voters. Sure, the top liberals have claimed repeatedly that no amnestied illegal would ever be eligible to vote, but those sentiments are already beginning to change. As if the Democrats would ever let potential voters go to waste. The tides are shifting, and I’ve recently heard top liberal pundits ask the question: “Why not let them vote?” Hmm, I wonder why?

The Exploitation of children by the Democrats is not only pathetic; it is misguided, and wrong. In the above instance, liberals are going to use children to convince the Pope that amnesty needs to be granted to illegals, because, well…the children, and stuff. This is simply a classic appeal to emotion. It’s a tactic. By bringing sad little kids into a debate, we are supposed to suddenly forget all logic, and reason, and do whatever the other side wants. That’s the goal. It’s a chess move.

Is it supposed to move me that people who broke the law are being persecuted? Oh wait, their kids are involved, so rather than hashing out a complex solution, let’s just grant amnesty! That’s the goal of the emotional appeal. The conservative argument against amnesty is logical, and well thought out, so the Left must use emotional appeal to win the debate. They have no other option. That’s why they always resort to it. When Obama has a dozen kids draped behind him like a flag while he signs gun control legislation into law, he doesn’t care about them, he only cares about their impact as props.

Prop children break down complex debates, and arguments into basic, unthinking terms. Prop kids take complexity, and break it down into base parts. The less we think, and the more we simply feel, the more likely they are to win the argument. Feelings are easy, logic is hard. Strong emotion breaks us down, and waters down our objective understanding of issues. Emotion kills logic. I hope the Pope doesn’t fall for this obvious ploy, and in hope you don’t either.

Don’t allow the argument to be watered down. Don’t let props distract you. Amnesty is death to this country, and no amount of sad-sack child props should convince you otherwise. The Left is pathetic.